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Advanced Certification course in CAD Design

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The Advanced Certification course in CAD Design is a comprehensive AutoCAD course   that teaches with the very basic of CAD design all the way to advanced CAD Design. This AutoCAD course is recommended for Mechanical engineers, Civil engineers, Architects and anyone interested in becoming a Computer Aided Design expert. TGC India is a leading institute for AutoCAD courses in India. This course is 100% practical with a cumulative project assessment at the end of the course. There is also the option of taking a free demo class before the course commences.

The Advanced Certification course in CAD Design aims to train it’s students on how use the Autodesk Autocad Software in creating drawings and layouts of building, objects and other relevant engineering and architectural drawings. Upon completion of the course, student would be able to make detailed and standard

This AutoCAD course is divided into several topics which includes

  1. What is AutoCAD course?
  2. Getting started with AutoCAD
  3. Basic Drawing and editing commands
  4. Drawing precision in AutoCAD
  5. Making changes in your drawing
  6. Drawing organization and information
  7. Advanced object types.
  8. Creating more complex objects
  9. Inserting blocks
  10. Print Layout
  11. Hatching
  12. Addition of Dimensions
  13. Drawing Setups and Utilities
  14. Annotation Styles
  15. Advanced Layouts and Printing
  16. DWF printing and Publishing
  17. Plotting your drawings
  18. Design calculation
  19. 3D Drawing and Modeling

For the complete breakdown of this AutoCAD course, download the brochure

NOTE: At the end of this course, there would be projects which would be executed in teams as well as individually, the final certificate would be issued based on the success of each student individually and collectively.


  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Adobe Photoshop

After this AutoCAD course. Students would be able to work as

  • Architects alongside an architecture qualification
  • Interior designer
  • Construction planner
  • Civil Engineers alongside an engineering degree
  • Mechanical Engineers alongside an engineering degree
  • Naval and Aeronautical Designer
  • Piping and Cabling Designer

TGC India is a very modern institute in Delhi saddled with the responsibility of providing effectively trained and fully baked professionals into the labour market. TGC India is one of the few reputable institutes in Delhi,#mce_temp_url# where what you see is exactly what you get. This AutoCAD Course organized by TGC India is one of the most detailed and updated course on AutoCAD that you would find. At TGC India, all courses have demo classes, to ensure that students don’t register for courses blindly. With over 13 years’ experience in training students and a remarkable network of industry experts and alumni, TGC India is the place to go for AutoCAD courses in Delhi. TGC India has industry experts as part of it’s guest faculties as against residential trainers who have no field experience and cannot train students to meet the demands of the industry.

TGC India offer an after training support for it’s students, after their course has been completed to constantly keep them updated with the new trends and tools.   All courses at TGC India are 100% practical and due to our goodwill and good reputation, TGC India has been able to build a network of industry recruiters which make our courses come with placement guarantee. Enroll now.

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