IMentors is a Leading Online Training Facility for Anyone willing to learn and acquire new skills in the comfort of their homes or offices without the rigid and structure of Conventional theoretical classroom teaching. IMentors aims to connect skilled experts who are presently working in these respective fields with anyone aspiring to get some form of knowledge and in turn work in this field.

The increased demand for varied levels of Multi-skilled individuals across the world is gradually rendering the conventional school system ineffective in providing it’s student this skills, where they need it, when they need it and how they want it.

The Vision of iMentors is to provide the necessary technical skills and mentorship required by anyone willing to become a professional in the aforementioned field without the traditional teaching in the four walls of a classroom. IMentors intends to bring the school to you and not the other way round.

IMentors is part of a group of subsidiaries under the TGC India Group. TGC India is an ISO 9001:2008 company, that specializes in digital Design, Photography and Animation training with over 13 years classroom training experience. TGC India has Alumni represented in a lot of high profile Multinational Design and Animation Company such as Adobe Inc. Other subsidiaries include Indivisual.com, an international Design company that deals with Web Design, Adverting Design, Branding, Print Production, Animation and School of Photography which deals with photography training and services. With a large database of courses categorized by topics, software and programming language taught, iMentors looks to become the largest Online training facility out of Asia.

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