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IMentors is constantly on the lookout for experts in their fields, willing to share their knowledge, experience and give career advice in a series of topics packaged together in a course. IMentors prides itself with very high standards of learning and would expect such from trainers who are willing to be part of the iMentors vision.


1. Career development

Nothing proves a person is an expert in a particular field than to be able to successfully train others in the same field. Training with iMentors is to be regarded as a job experience which could be included on a trainer’s resume for more job opportunities. All trainers who complete a training are issued certificates and are also endorsed on LinkedIn and may be issued letters of recommendation. Training with iMentors would serve as a career boast.

2. Financial Benefits

Trainers would be paid for all training and seminars based on prevailing industry standards. Training with iMentors can be a suitable source of extra income for the trainer as training could be done alongside a stable job, even with a busy schedule.

3. Networking

Training with iMentors would afford the trainer, an opportunity to network with students who are learning in the chosen field and other trainers and mentors in other field. Training with iMentors would give the trainer, yet another opportunity to be a part of an ever growing industry. iMentors would give you the opportunity to reach out to a Global audience.

4. Skill Development

Training would help improve communication skills and human interaction skills while being a provider of knowledge.

You can also start an Affiliate Program with iMentors or nominate a Trainer for iMentors

The process of Training on iMentors is as follows.

Fig 1:Cycle to illustrate the journey of the instructor

There are two types of Trainers.

1. Knowledge Mentors

Knowledge Mentors are trainers who have either applied or have been nominated who would either teach classes or upload webinars alone

2. Promotional Mentors

Promotional Mentors are trainers who would be actively involved in the promotional aspect of program and would also be responsible for driving sales to students and maintain a higher level of human interaction with the students and trainees e.g answering questions over social media platforms.

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