• What exactly does iMentors do?
  • Can I choose my own learning path?


  • When is the next available batch starting?
  • How can I register for it?
  • Are there free trials?
  • What are the requirements for registration?
  • Do I need to send any certificate to iMentors to be admitted for any course?
  • Can I register for an ongoing class?
  • Who do I contact if I have any issues with registration on iMentors?
  • What information would be required for the signup?
  • How soon after the signup can I begin to access learning materials:


  • What type of courses are offered by iMentors?
  • What is the training modes of iMentors?
  • What language are the courses taught in?
  • Can I request for a course on iMentors?
  • What differentiates iMentors classes from other online classes?
  • Would we be able to carry out group or team projects on iMentors?
  • When can I go for an online self-learning?
  • When should I go a classroom learning?
  • What is the difference between instructor lead and self-learning classes?
  • How do I get the class schedule?
  • Can I reschedule my classes?
  • What happens if I missed a class I didn’t reschedule?
  • What is the time frame of the classes and how many hours per week would I need to set aside to undergo any course?
  • Are the classes interactive?
  • Can I request for a support session?
  • What if I have queries after I complete any class?
  • Can I get the recorded sessions with the instructors?
  • Would the course materials still be accessible to the students after the course training?
  • Can I get previous classroom videos?
  • Is there a project at the end of the course?
  • Can the access period be extended for a class?
  • Can iMentors organize a training for an organization ?
  • Are the classes conducted via LIVE Video Streaming?
  • What internet speed is required to attend the LIVE Classes?
  • Would there be interaction with other students during the classes?
  • Can I download all the classes at once and then listen at my own convenience?
  • Is there an online community or forum where students and mentors can meet and discuss?
  • Can I switch from Instructor led to self-learning or to classroom training?


  • Who are the instructors?
  • Do they have any field experience apart from training experience?
  • What if I don’t like a particular instructor, can I choose another one?


  • Does every course include an Exam?
  • Would there be sample exams before the main exam?
  • Can I try sample exams before registration?
  • Can I take the exam without attending any class and get the certification instead?
  • Are there tests, assignments and projects within each class?
  • Can I opt out of all examinations?
  • Would there be a certificate after the completion of the exam?
  • Would there be a certificate of course completion without taking the exam?
  • How valuable is the certificate?
  • What is the certification process?
  • Can I complete the course in a shorter duration than originally stated?
  • What happens, if I fail the certification exam at first attempt?
  • Would I incur fees for certification exam re-sit?
  • Can I use my certificate from iMentors to pursue further education?
  • Can I use my certificate to get a job?
  • Would there be study groups for the exams where students can interact?


  • What are the modes of payment available to the iMentors?
  • Would I get a receipt of payment?
  • If I cancel my registration, would there be a refund?
  • Is there a money back guarantee for the training program?
  • Are there discounts and promo offers for the training program?
  • What are the discount packages available to students?
  • Are there any hidden charges during the training program?
  • Are there installment payment plans?
  • What are the prices of each course?
  • Who resolves issues pertaining to payment gateways?
  • Is it safe to pay online?


  • Who do I contact for problem with video loading?
  • What are the basic things I need to make the best out of this facility?
  • What options do I have for support from iMentors?
  • What electronic devices can I use for the online training?


  • Are there placement opportunities after the course?
  • Can iMentors help with job placement and referrers after the course is done and certificates are issued?
  • What is the process of being on the placement list of iMentors?


  • Is there an after training support for students?
  • How can a student partake in the support community?

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