Angular JS vs React Js


Angular Js coaching in Delhi is provided by TGC India. It is very important to ensure long-term scalability and success by choosing the right framework for the project. Managed by Google, AngularJS has been around for a bit longer than Facebook-owned ReactJS. Both frameworks are unique and user-friendly in their own ways.

Both of them are designed to build advanced web Development and mobile applications. Both have great advantages and disadvantages as well. In this post, we will compare both frameworks so you can determine which one is best for your project.

JavaScript frameworks are developing constantly. Due to this reason, you can find recently updated versions of ReactJS and Angular JS rolling out. Basically, Angular and React JS develop with relatively same dynamics organically.

When it comes to forecasting demand for these frameworks, we can find a positive outlook for React, but Angular has a bit declining tendency.

Here are the pros and cons of each frontend framework to help techies and engineers to pick the best to meet all their development needs.

Pros and Cons of Angular

Founded in 2009, Angular is JavaScript MVVM framework ideal for developing very innovative web applications.

Pros of Angular Js

  • Detailed documentation provides effective collaboration and communication between the developers, even with having a learning curve.
  • Angular offers innovative features, such as rapid compilation (within 3 seconds), improved RXJS, and recently-launched HttpClient.
  • 2-way data binding which promotes singular behavior for an app which reduces risks of potential errors.
  • Dependency injection of features based on components with modularity and modules.
  • Model View ViewModel (MVVM) enables developers to work independently on the same app section with the same set of data.

Cons of Angular Js

  • It features complex syntax which belongs to the first variant of Angular Js. However, Angular 5 features TypeScript 2.4 which is not that hard to learn.
  • This framework also has migration issues when switching to the latest version from the older one.

Some of the leading companies which provide Angular Js coaching in Delhi  are TGC India, Udemy, Freelancer, Upwork, PayPal, YouTube, Nike, Telegram, Google, iStockphoto, Weather, Crunchbase and AWS.

React JS – Pros and Cons

Founded in 2013, ReactJS is an open-source JS library owned by Facebook. It is ideal to build dynamic and large web applications where data can be changed on regular basis.

Pros React JS

  • React JS is very easy to learn due to easy syntax. Developers can write easily with their HTML skills. They don’t have to learn TypeScript properly.
  • Very flexible and responsive.
  • Virtual Document Object Model (DOM) which enables users to arrange documents in HTML, XML and XHTML formats which are well regarded by web browsers when parsing various aspects of the web app.
  • ReactJS can be combined with ES6/7 and it can work with loads of ease.

Cons React JS

  • No official documentation.
  • Takes a long time to learn which means it needs deep knowledge to integrate UI in MVC framework.

Some of the leading companies using React JS are Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, New York Times, Khan Academy, Yahoo, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Airbnb, Microsoft etc.


Well, there is not much difference among these frameworks for a real engineer. There’s a bit of learning curve. Each framework has its pros and cons. It is up to your own preferences and business goals.

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