Types of Studio Lights used for Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography can be delineated as a branch of fine art photography that kingpins a brand and express it as a concept rather than just promoting clothes or accessories. Fashion photography smudges the line that differentiate art and commerce. On the other hand, fashion photography has the potential to promote the styles of haute couture to a wide range of audiences via advertisements and fashion magazines. To sum up, fashion photography is omnipresent, from the top-notch fashion magazines to all sorts of advertisements therefore making it as the most sought after and a money-spinning genres of photography. 

Being a glamorous and a high-paying checks provider industry, more and more people are seeking fashion photography as a profession. But as quoted by Destin Sparks “Photography is the story I fail to put into words”, same goes for fashion photography as well. Becoming a fashion photographer is not everyone’s cup of tea. Fashion photographers should carry an ability to turn an artistic vision into photographs. A fashion photographer requires a flawless knowledge of the various technical elements and also a perception of existing and upcoming fashion and photographic trends. Though every technical element has its own importance not to mention sharpness and composition but lighting is considered as one of the most important. 

Different types of studio lights play quite a role in extracting a perfect picture.

Let’s discuss a few of them.

Monolight : Each of these lights is a single unit, they are easy to carry, set up and pack away. Their lower price also makes them cost effective. For example D1 Air 500s.

Power Packs : When it comes to standards, power packs carry a flair of excellence. Comparative to monolights they are more powerful and versatile.

Not just they have  a shorter recycling time and a higher flash power, the output from each head is flexible based on the generator’s power and input settings. 

Tungsten/Hot Light: If you are really into shooting something in stillness, without any flashes then hot lights are meant for you. It allows you to see how light is painting a picture.

Then comes the lighting modifiers. Beauty Dish, Giant parabolic umbrella, large umbrellas, Octabank, Magnum Reflector, strip softbox are key modifiers used in fashion photography.

Beauty Dish : Beauty Dish is imperative in fashion and beauty photography. It permits a quality of light that fits in somewhere between hard and soft. Due to hard lights, it gives quite a contrast and adds a radiance and glow to the image shot.

Giant Parabolic Umbrella: It’s a very favoured modifier used in fashion and commercial photography. Not just photography, portraits as well.

It’s large in size and creates a pleasing even lighting over a large area. It gives a magnificent touch to the images and is considered as picture perfect modifier. Accuracy and details of the colors are maintained throughout.

Large Umbrellas : One cannot keep softboxes in their expanded and assembled stage because that can cause wear and tear easily. So umbrellas are the best substitute, as they are easy to set and pack. Some examples are Umbrella Deep Translucent XL, Deep Silver XL, and Deep White XL. 

Octabank : Octabank is the most resourceful and popular lighting modifier. There is a beautiful, even texture to the light and shadows and it creates a beautiful gradient in the background when used with background fills.

Magnum Reflector : When you want to shoot with an even and crisp-edged lighting that mirrors sunlight then magnum reflector is the name.

Strip Softbox : It is used as a supporting modifier in fill lights, rim lights and top lights and sometimes it can be used as a key light too. It’s adaptability makes it fundamental in all lighting setups.  

So the synopsis that emerges out is that studio lights is something of quite an importance in fashion photography. Along with a photographer skills, studio lights certainly holds dominance in a fashion or beauty photoshoot.

July 25, 2019

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