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    Introduction: of Data Analytics Training Course In Delhi

    Data Analytics Training Course in Delhi provided by TGC  India is a dedicated course in Python multiple with Pandas and Numpy.  Training is conducted in organization with (Leader in Python training) course modules dwells upon using complex data and segregating them for determined usage. Course covers Python as an original language to start with and then goes deep down in Data Analytics beside with no of projects


    Course Outcome: Of Data Science Course

    Python as a language
    Perform a large number of data operations in “pandas” library including grouping, pivoting and joining
    Understanding of manipulating 1D, 2D, and 3D data sets
    Methods and attributes across several pandas objects
    Resolve common issues in Data Sets
    Data Analysis during Numpy

    Course Schedule:

    Duration: 3 months
    Weekdays: 2 Hours/  3 Days a week
    Weekends: 2 Hours/ 2 Days a week

    Course Structure: Of Data Science Training Institute

    Module -1

    A. Core Python + Data Structure

    • List
    • Tuples
    • Sets
    • Dictionary

    B. Methods & Functions

    • Lambda
    • Map & Filter

    C. OOPS Concepts

    Module -2

    Python for Data Analysis- Numpy

    • Introduction to Numpy
    • Numpy Arrays
    • Quick Note on Array Indexing
    • Numpy Array Indexing
    • Numpy Operation
    • Numpy Exercises

    Python for Data Analysis – Pandas

    • Introduction to Pandas
    • Series
    • Dataframes – Part 1
    • Dataframes – Part 2
    • Missing Data
    • Groupby
    • Merging joining and Concatenating
    • Operations
    • Data Input amd Putput
    • Python for Data Analysis- Pandas Exercises


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