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    Do you Want to Learn about Advanced Certification Course in Music Production If yes Keep reading this post,

    At TGC, Adv. certification in Music Production is a program for all the music enthusiast having keen interest in  Music Production specially Recording, mixing and mastering. Made with a 100% practical approach Our music production training course is all about hands-on practical training on Recording, Synchronization, Mixing, Reproducing voice, Music and Sound Effects in music production. the course deals with Audio for a wide range of applications i.e. music production, Film and A/V post-production and so much more.

    At TGC, a course in music production in Delhi will help you prepare a career as a Musician, Music Production Artist and Sound Engineer. Faculty at TGC is young & talented Music producers with relevant hands-on experience. At the end of the course students gets TGC autonomous certificate and also certified through Rock School of Landon.

    Programme Outline: Advanced Certification Course in Music Production (Offline/ Online modes)

    Normal Track
    Course Duration: 6 months
    Schedule: 2 Hours/3 days a week

    Fast Track

    Course Duration: 3 months
    Schedule: 4 Hours/ 3 days a week

    (Weekend options also available)

    Introduction to Desktop Production Tools 

    • Music Production Process
    • Creating Musical Ideas
    • Listening and Analysis
    • Recording
    • Editing
    • Mixing
    • Mastering
    • Music Production Tools
    • Synthesizers
    • MIDI Sequencers
    • Audio Recorders
    • Processors
    • Mixer

    Signal Flow

    • Analog Audio Signals and Connections
    • Digital Audio Signals and Connections
    • Signal Flow Between Devices
    • Setting Up a Virtual Studio
    • MIDI Signal Flow
    • Studio Configuration

    Exam – Practical exam on doing a signal flow

    Studio Microphone  

    • Microphone: Style, Types, Sounds and Application
    • Microphone Placement

    Project – Submit assignment for different types of mic

    Studio Software  

    • Digital Audio
    • Plugins and uses
    • Inserts and Sends
    • Timing Correction
    • Tuning Possibilities
    • Recording

    Project – Submit assignment for different types of DAW

    Music Theory 

    • Introduction and Chords I; Major Scale Triads, Chord Tones and Intervals
    • Chords II; Harmonizing in Thirds, Seventh Chord and Extensions
    • Harmonizing; Minor Scale, Harmonic Minor Scale, Melodic Minor Scale, Modes, Transposing, Inversions, Bass and Melody

    Project – Prepare chord charts & Circle of fifth

    Exam – Production Tools, Signal Flow, Sound Acoustics &   Music Theory

    Introduction to Electronic Music Synthesizers 

    • What’s a Synthesizer?
    • Properties of Sound
    • Pitch, Timbre, Loudness
    • Virtual Instruments
    • Digital Samplers

    Project –  Submitting assignment on different synth

    Introduction to MIDI Sequencing: Patterns and Recording

    • MIDI Messages
    • Patterns in Music
    • Creating Patterns
    • Building an Arrangement from Patterns
    • Playing Against a Drum Track
    • Assignment: Reason Sequencing Project

    Editing MIDI Sequences 

    • Editing MIDI Sequences
    • Exploring Tempo, Key, Song Length, Velocity, Dynamics, Gate Time, Delay, Event-Level Editing
    • Fixing Mistakes
    • Correcting Timing
    • Correcting Duration
    • Correcting Dynamics
    • Editing Pitch
    • Cut/Copy/Paste Operations
    • Editing in the Arrange Window—The Logic Tools
    • MIDI Mixing and Automation

    Project – Prepare 4 different types of MIDI project in DAW

    Exam – Practical exam on MIDI sequence, EMS, Recording & Sequencing

    Music Production Ideas 

    • Music Genre
    • Targeting Textures and Treatment for the Artist Sound
    • Focusing Song and Artist Vision
    • Understanding the Artist’s Audience
    • Listening and Analysing Comparable Artist

    Project Create An Original Composition

    Song Structure & Sample Layering 

    • Arrangement Structure
    • Instrumentation and Important Instruments in a Genre
    • Sample Selection based on your Genre
    • Layering Samples based on your Genre
    • Layering Samples and Synth sounds
    • FX placement
    • Automation Filters, Pitch, Time etc
    • Music secrets to help you make melodies easily

    Project – Arranging the Whole Track

    Putting it All Together 

    • Fundamentals of Building Great Sounds for the Core Instruments
    • Establishing the Foundation
    • Using Dynamics and Effects Appropriately
    • Establishing a Baseline Volume and Keeping It There

    Project – Completing and Submitting the Whole song

    Remix  A Song

    • Find the BPM & key of the original song
    • Give it your own sound
    • Create a tentative game plan
    • Get Creative & Experiment

    ProjectCreating 2 remix of your own Mixing 

    Advanced Certification Course in Music Production

    Effects Processing

    • Intro: The Environment
    • Insert Effects
    • Aux Send and Return Effects Reverb Send and Return
    • Overview of Effects Types
    • Spectrum Processing: Filters
    • Equalizer
    • Different types of EQ
    • Mix Practice–Adding EQ and Reverb
    • Dynamics Processing
    • All About Compression
    • Compressing the Bass Track
    • Gating
    • Time-Based Effects
    • The Delay Family
    • Doubling/Flanging/Chorus
    • Reverb

    Project Mixing 2 Tracks

    Art Of Mixing 

    • Separation in the Mix
    • Mixing Vocals
    • Group Mixing (Mix Process)
    • Creativity with Audio
    • DIY Mastering
    • Limiter, Dithering

    ProjectCompleting The Whole Mix


    • What Is Mastering?
    • Digital Theory
    • EQ
    • Compression
    • Practical Dynamics
    • Mastering Different Styles
    • Advanced Techniques: Mid/Side
    • Multi-Band Compression
    • Working on Albums, Compilations
    • Editing: Fades, Cross-Fades, Gaps
    • Level & Tonal Coherence

    ProjectMastering the earlier Mixed Track & 2 other tracks in Advanced Certification Course in Music Production

    Final Project Critique and Course Wrap-Up 

    • Course Wrap-Up
    • Where Do You Go From Here?
    • How to Grow Your Basic Setup
    • Suggested Additional Reading

    Add On

    • Free Samples & Loops worth 10GB
    • Free Plugins
    • Free Software’s

    Final Submission, Jury Presentation, Certification, Internship and Placement Assistance

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    Frequently Ask Question – Music Production 

    A) Is this a practical course or only theory is being covered?

    TGC- Music Production and Sound engineering course is a 100% practical course, concepts of music theories are also being covered in a practical manner. Apart from attending day to day sessions by the trainer, students also book their slot for free practice hours at our acoustic studio and work till late on their projects. TGC also serves as a finishing school for many of the music degree colleges where digital aspects of learning are limited or just theory is being covered.

    B) What are the eligibility of Trainers, teaching Music Production at TGC?

    We have a talented pool of Music Producers, Sound Engineers working as Trainers, At TGC, Most of our trainers are qualified Music postgraduates or coming from a solid working experience in the music industry. We also appoint industry specialists and who’s who as “Guest Trainers” delivering lectures on Recording, Keyboards, mixing, mastering, Singing, songwriters, the business of music, music direction, genres of music etc.

    C) Is this course available in both classroom and instructor-led online training mode?

    Yes! Our Classroom mode course is available at our centre in South Delhi, whereas we are also one of the leading online training providers of music production and sound engineering training in an instructor-led arrangement, we do not conduct recorded sessions like youtube or udemy. At TGC, students can interact with trainers and class coordinators anytime during the learning and after it as well to ask questions and solve their queries. We deliver our online classes either through Zoom or MS Teams platform. All our instructors are top-notch experienced music producers of Indian origin. We also provide IT managers during online learning to solve any of the unexpected network glitches.

    D) Will I be able to produce a song independently during or after the course?

    Yes of course, Our music production and sound engineering course have a designated list of projects to be completed by the students under the supervision of a trainer. These projects are industry-specific and at times covers live projects as well. Each project is being assessed thoroughly and feedback is being given in one to one manner. After due assessment students are also being persuaded to upload their work on youtube and similar channels. Many of our students collaborate together and produce not just one but many songs or musical numbers on various genres like EDM, Pop, R&B, Bollywood, fusion, Nepali and Bhojpuri during the learning itself.

    E) Is this course available on both Weekdays and Weekends?

    Yes, most of the courses either classroom or online mode are available in both weekdays and weekends mode. Weekdays courses are available from Mon-Fri whereas Weekends mode are either Sat-Sun or only on Sundays based on student’s own convenience

    F) Can I take a free demo class before I join a course?

    Yes! Students have the option of attending 2 free demo classes before they choose to join a course. Students may interact with trainers and students during these demo classes, also they can have a fair look on the syllabus and delivery methods during these demo sessions.

    G) Does the institute have training on Mac or Windows systems? should i need to bring my own laptop or will the institute be able to provide me with a machine for practice?

    We do provide classes both on Mac and Windows platforms, Each student is being allotted time for practice, for which system will be provided by the institute. students are also allowed to bring their own laptops as we provide them with free wi-fi.

    H) How to compare TGC with other institutes, while I decide to join this course in Music Production and Sound Engineering?

    Almost 20 years old institute, legacy of 15000+ passed out students and unmatched placement record always makes us distinct from others, but if that is not enough, other reasons include Affordable fees, small batch sizes, personalised learning, experienced and qualified trainers in design, 4.8/ 5 google reviews makes us an institute with a difference.

    Will I be given Placement assistance from TGC?

    Yes, at TGC we have our own placement liasoning cell, Placement cell helps students in creating an eye-catching portfolio, developing an awesome profile, uploading works on various channels, helping students to equip with mock interviews etc., coordinating with various companies for fresh recruitments, arranging interviews and finally getting students to succeed with a placement offer.
    For bright students, we also have an assured paid internship offer.

    Upcoming Batches:

    Starts Duration
    (Normal Track)
    (Fast Track)
    1st Jan
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    Sat & Sun
    1st Jan
    1st Jan
    Sat & Sun

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