Adv. Certification in 3D Dynamics

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    Adv. Certification in 3D Dynamics course provides it’s students all the fundamental skills need in both rigid and soft body simulation effects to meet the ever growing demand of the  Multimedia Industry


    This course aims to train it’s student on how to create internationally standard effects with rigid bodies and soft bodies.

    COURSE OUTLINE OF Adv. Certification in 3D Dynamics:

    • Introduction to Dynamics
    • Introduction to Maya Paint Effects
    • nCloth Techniques
    • Fire , sparks , smoke
    • Muscles
    • Oceans
    • Particles
    • Fluids

    COURSE BREAKDOWN of Adv. Certification in 3D Dynamics:

    MODULE 1
    Introduction to Dynamics

    • Basics of Dynamics
    • Emitting particles in Explosion
    • Emitting particles in Precipitation
    • Use fields to affect particles
    • Particle render
    • Exploring soft bodies
    • Baking simulations
    • Caching
    • Introduction to Effects
    • Introduction to Render type
    • Introduction to Fields
    • Introduction to fluids
    • Soft body simulation
    • Introduction to Fluid effects
    • Particle Collisions

    MODULE 2
    Introduction to Maya Paint Effects

    • User Interface for Paint Effects
    • Paint Effect tools
    • Pressure Mapping
    • Brush Settings
    • Cycle Animations
    • Pressure Curves
    • Mesh Settings and Mesh Environment
    • Shading Attributes
    • Texture settings
    • Spiral and Bend Attributes

    MODULE 3
    Cloth Techniques

    • Cloth properties
    • Adding ncloth to Materials
    • Cloth Property Modifications
    • Custom ncloth Presets

    MODULE 4
    Fire , sparks and smoke

    • Particles using emitters
    • Sparks
    • Render particles
    • Smoke
    • Shading Networks
    • Fire ,spark and smoke composition

    MODULE 5

    • Biceps
    • Upper Arm Volume
    • The flexi chain
    • Twist rig
    • Joints as Influences
    • Adding custom Muscles
    • Adding jiggle Effect to Muscle
    • Complete Muscle set up rig

    MODULE 6

    • Ocean Attributes
    • Ocean Shader (color, bump blur, horizon filter, foam, wave peaking, wave turbulence, wave Height, Num Frequency)
    • Advanced controls

    MODULE 7

    • Primer to nparticles
    • Nucleus Forces
    • Nucleus Collison Attributes
    • nParticles and Fields
    • nparticles to Output Mesh
    • Liquid Interaction
    • Randoming Particle Size
    • Collision Layers
    • Per –particle Expressions
    • Per Point emission rates
    • Fireworks
    • Spiral Motion
    • Simulation Caching
    • The Burst and Spiral Particles

    MODULE 8

    • Fluid and Field interaction
    • Container properties
    • Fluid and particle Interaction
    • Fluid Attributes
    • Rendering Fluids with other Layers
    • Heat Dynamics
    • Liquid simulation
    • Soft surfaces
    • Blood effects
    • Blood mist
    • Blood Squib


    • To create visual effects for commercials, feature films, documentary, educational materials and  Music Videos
    • To create production simulations for education purposes

    CAREER OPTIONS AFTER Adv. Certification in 3D Dynamics:

    Students who complete this course have the following career options

    • VFX artist
    • 3D Virtual Reality Artist
    • Video Editor
    • FX supervisor
    • 3D Dynamics Tutor
    • Multimedia Artist
    • Production Artist
    • 3D stunts Supervisor

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    TGC India is a leading Graphics and Animation Institute in Delhi with branches across the country. Among the numerous high level courses it offers is the 3D Dynamics  course. It provides an educational environment that houses both local and foreign students who share ideas to develop their visual communication skills. It boasts of well trained and highly experienced staff who are both friendly and courteous and ready to train using Live projects and the interactive learning system whose benefits outweigh online tutorials or self help books. Take a 3D Dynamics  course with TGC India today.

    Upcoming Batches:

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    1st Jan
    8 weeks NA Mon-Fri
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    1st Jan
    8 weeks NA Mon-Fri
    1st Jan
    16 sessions NA Sat & Sun

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