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TGC Animation & Multimedia is an Digital Art Institute located in New Delhi, India (www.tgcindia.com) It is an sincere attempt of design and creativity lovers who are passionate about teaching and providing trainings to digital art enthusiasts. Since our beginnings (13 years back) we have trained over 12,000 students from across the world in the field of digital media and mentored them to become successful design professionals.

Students with passion for design and creativity from across the globe study this art at TGC Animation & Multimedia.

Yes, TGC Animation & Multimedia offers enrolment for foreign students.

TGC has a history of training international student. In 12000+ passed students there are reasonable number of International students who have successfully completed their course with us.

TGC Animation & Multimedia offers courses in Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Video Editing, Android Development, Python Programming, Internet Marketing, Sound Engineering and many more.

TGC Animation & Multimedia offers the following mode of courses:

  1. Autonomous Diploma Courses : Duration 6 months – 2 years (subjected to course)
  2. Bachelors in VFX & Animation and Masters in VFX & Animation – Degree Courses: 3 years and 2 years respectively


Autonomous Certifications: Approved by TGC Animation & Multimedia

Autonomous Diploma Courses : Approved by (i) Adobe  (ii) TGC Animation & Multimedia

Bachelors in VFX & Animation and Masters in VFX & Animation – Degree Courses are affiliated to University Grant Commission – Highest Education body in India

TGC Animation & Multimedia provides training with all the equipped facilities:

  1. Well established accreditations and tie-ups

ISO 9001:2008 tie-up

ADOBE Certified Associate for Training

University Grant Commission – Highest Education body in India

  1. The best trainers in India – Industry experts and Educationists from pan India
  2. Our practical Training Approach and student’s calibre focussed methodology of training
  3. Extensive hours of Training for students from International platforms along with the extended trainer support.
  4. Flexible and Global industry aligned courses
  5. Special assistance cell for International students
  6. Visa Assistance for International Students
  7. Simple, practical and all-round training in animation and digital media
  8. Best Guest faculties / Visiting Faculties from Indian and International Markets to provide exposure on Market Trends on a global level.

TGC Animation & Multimedia believes in sharpening the theoretical learning with impactful practical trainings. At the concluding stages of batches students are provided projects that our outsourced from companies. These companies hire the students as intern and an internship of 3 to 6 months is provided under able guidance of our trainers. An Internship letter is issued with the successful completion of the project.

Our team of trainers are industry experts from design conglomerates of India like BBDO, ULKA, Ogilvy, JWT, Rediffusion, Toonz, Crest Communications, IBN7, Aaj Tak and similar organisations with at least 7-8 years of experience in Industry coming from India’s top institutions like National Institute Of Design and institutions of similar repute. We are definite in having reputed guest faculties on panel with us to have workshops developing the creative & aesthetic sense of students.

We believe in infusing art & creativity in the students by providing them ardent course curriculum and exposure to the trade scenarios. Our mission is to make students ready to work on a global platform. We thrive to pull the level of the student to an extent from where the identity of proficient professional is full of performance

No, these courses are meant for design and creativity enthusiasts. You just have to be passionate and willing to learn. We will start teaching you from a point to a line. Our curriculum starts from scratch and covers the vast world of creativity.  Although, students may find the course easier if they have any prior knowledge about their domain of digital art.

Yes, TGC Offers flexible learning options and the courses can be tailored as per the desire of the student seeking the admission. The duration can be altered with reference to your stay in India.

Yes, we understand the beat of the timeliness hence extra practice hours and dedicated trainers support is provided to complete the learning successfully.

Yes, we understand the beat of the timeliness hence extra practice hours and dedicated trainers support is provided to complete the learning successfully.

Trainings are conducted in New Delhi, the capital of India.

To maintain the integrity of students and quality of lectures & sessions delivered a batch doesn’t exceed 8 students.

Our infrastructure has all the amenities for facilitating the study of courses which includes Library, Laboratories, Internet connection, Practice systems, fast track sessions, innovative education techniques, Practical Teachings, Guest Faculty Panel, Out of room classes, course study material, scholarship, bank loan, and accommodation assistance.

High end i7 & Macintosh processors with 20” TFT and nvidea quad display cards.

Classical Animation lab with professional Light Boxes, Punching machine and field guides etc..

Genuine & Multiple Autodesk licenses.

Number of Tutorial CD's containing projects, video tutorials and asset files.

Clay modelling facility etc.

Apple Macintosh Intel Core processors with 22inch display

Facility for capturing through fire wire support.

More than 1TB external data storage facility plugged with each machine.

Canon and Nikon HD Cams for capturing.

Chroma shoot facility with professional lighting setups.

Genuine & Multiple Adobe and Corel Licenses’

Foreign/ domestic publications on different course.

Yes, We provide scholarship to students from Africa and all SAARC Countries- Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Students with passion for designing & creativity along with the flair to face the competitive edge of the industry you may apply now as only limited number of seats are available for scholarships. With Scholarship you can avail a Discount up to 30-50% on the tuition fee.

You need to submit the following:

(a)   A hand written essay on why you should be considered for scholarship

(b)   Portfolio

The scholarship seats are limited in number and TGC reserves the right for selection and rejections of scholarship applications.

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