Adv. Certification in Events and Portraits Photography

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    Events and Portraits Photography is a branch of photography that deals with the photo documenting an event as well as taking pictures that are poised for intended to be used by the end users who have requested to be taken in the photographs.


    The Events and Portraits Photography course would teach students how to cover events and take preplanned photos of guests and hosts at events such as weddings, birthdays, parties and picnics


    • The basics of Photography
    • Cameras and Camera settings
    • Natural light photography
    • Artificial light photography
    • Photo capture set up
    • Picture Framing and composition
    • Tips and tricks for events photography
    • Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop


    MODULE 1
    The basics of Photography

    • Understanding the basics of digital photography
    • The difference between all the major branches of photography
    • File types (RAW and JPEG)
    • White balance
    • The exposure triangle – Aperture, shutter speed and ISO

    MODULE 2
    Cameras and Camera settings

    • Digital Cameras
    • Lenses and Focal Lengths
    • Tripods and Accessories
    • Camera Modes- Auto mode, aperture priority and shutter priority

    MODULE 3
    Natural light photography

    • Hard Light vs Soft light
    • Diffusers and Reflectors
    • Natural light sources
    • Use of light in storytelling
    • Front, back and side lights

    MODULE 4
    Artificial light photography

    • Lighting Modifiers and Accessories
    • Lighting gear and studio lighting kits
    • Equipment setups- Studio lights and umbrellas
    • Remote Flash and Radio Wave
    • Standing Light and softboxes

    MODULE 5
    Photo capture set up

    • Photography work area establishment
    • Photo background selection
    • Shot Plan
    • Scene Creation
    • Use of props, backgrounds, surfaces and linens

    MODULE 6
    Picture Framing and composition

    • Model Placement and pose setting
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Focus
    • Depth of Field
    • Perspective and Angle
    • Focal length, Lens compression and depth of field
    • Shapes , lines and colors

    MODULE 7
    Tips and tricks for events photography

    • Documenting the ceremony
    • Staging the portraits pictures
    • Preparing photos for photo manipulations
    • Capturing candid moments

    MODULE 8

    Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop

    • File compatibility
    • Color corrections and image adjustments
    • Color space
    • Photo manipulation and photo effects
    • Tricks and tips used in Adobe Photoshop for events photo editing
    • Backup and storage
    • Making a digital photo album file.

    BY THE END OF THE Events and portraits Photography COURSE, STUDENTS WOULD BE ABLE TO

    • Take pictures for event photo albums.


    • Adobe Photoshop
    • A DSLR Camera


    Students who complete this course have the following career options

    • Wedding Photographer
    • Event photographer


    TGC India is a leading Graphics and Animation Institute in Delhi with branches across the country. The Events and portraits Photography course is a purely practical course with team projects, seminars, workshops, and showreel development. Individual mentorship during and after the course is also available. TGC India has highly efficient, intelligent and vast staff. TGC India has been organizing Multimedia Training for both degree and short-term programs for upwards of 10 years and has a large number of alumni presently working in the Multimedia Industry all across Asia and Africa.

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    Course Reviews

    1. Punit Kool says:

      Punit Kool
      Good atmosphere in class nd awesome teachers nd teaching process

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    1. Punit Kool says:

      Punit Kool
      Good atmosphere in class nd awesome teachers nd teaching process

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