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    Visual Effects Diploma offered by TGC is among the best courses offered in Composting and High end VFx. Visual effects are created digitally and modified for TVs or Video Games. The basic motto is to keep the viewer glued to the characters and motions with effects and graphics. Combination of computer generated memory and live action footage causes digital composition. The biggest challenge is to edit soundtracks, videos and background. This course has a wide range of aspects that are covered within comfortable time spans according to your requirements and comfort without shelling out a huge amount of chips making your pocket face the brunt of the education you wish to pursue. It is always advisable to go for consultation before opting for any course so that you can scrutinize things on a broader line and prepare yourself on taking appropriate steps.


    The goal is to create an impact on the audience by transforming impossible into almost real with fine effects and superficial concepts of maintaining standard and quality. TGC Visual effects course make use of latest applications imparted on high end hardware. Course in cent percent job assured with leading Post production houses of the country.

    Course Outline:

    There are basically three steps involved in Visual Effects-

    • Non Linear Editing and composting- It involves capturing of audio and video information in the hard disc of your computer, and then, using number of software you can edit them as per the need.
    • Visual Effects- During the course various specialized applications and plug-ins will be taught for mastering the art of VFx.
    • Match movie and Packaging- The course involves studying of high quality digital images, dynamics, matching of camera, shot planning and keying factors of Chrome and finally all bringing together to create stunning show reel of work.

    Vfx Course Breakdown                           

    1. Preproduction (3 Month)
    2. Motion Graphic and Editing(3 Month)
    3. 3d Particles & Dynamics(4 Month)
    4. Node based Compositing and Camera Tracking(6 Month)
    5. Projects(2 Month)


    1. Preproduction

    Sketching (Drawing  Perspective, Storyboarding, Stop-Motion)

    Adobe Photoshop: History/Element of Graphic Design, Digital Design, Types of Masking, color correction, Digital Images – Image file formats – DPI, Matte Painting – Photoshop Basics – Textures – Preparing your Photoshop file for camera projection – Lighting techniques – Moving Plate, Image Blending – mix, multiply, screen, maximum, minimum, add, subtract – speed changes, background. CINEMATOGRAPHY  (addition)

    Photography (Fundamentals of Photography, Theory about DSLR)

    1. Motion Graphic  & Editing

    After Effects : History & Technique of  Rotoscoping , Motion Graphic,  Matte Painting Development, Special Effects,  frame size, composition, frame rates, motion, key framing, chroma-key, motion blur , semi-transparency

    FCP (Non Liner Editing, Broadcast Editing, Sync Sound with Video)

    1. 3D Particles & Dynamics

    Autodesk Maya(Camera Projection & Mapping in Maya,  Introduction to Particles & Dynamics using Autodesk Maya, Fluid Simulation, nParticles and the nDynamics System, Using nCloth, Rigid Body Simulation, Integrating Particles & Dynamics Effects,  Rendering in Layers etc)

    Pulldownit  Pro( Shatter Effects,  Destruction using PullDownIt Pro)

    FumeFx (Digital Destruction using FumeFx, Advanced Particles Effects, Fire & Smoke)

    Rayfire (Dynamics Simulation, Glass Tracking, Explosions etc)

    Krakatoa (Particle Rendering, Manipulation, Motion Blur, Large amount of particles handling)

    Realflow (Hydrodynamics using Real flow,  Integrated with Maya, Realistic Water Simulation)

    1. Compositing & Camera Tracking

    Nuke (Basics  Intermediate The Foundry Nuke,  Rotoscopy, Node based compositing, Color Correction, 3d compositing, Paint & Cleanup using Adobe Photoshop & Nuke)


    Advance Roto Techniques, Advance Paint Techniques, Chroma Keying Techniques, Day To Night Conversion, Digital Makeup, Creating Visual Effects Element, Time Warping, 3D For NUKE, Maya And NUKE Integration, Matte Paintings, Multi-Plate Compositing, Multi Pass Compositing, Project Planning.

    Fusion (Basics  Intermediate  Eyeon Fusion, Rotoscopy, Node based Compositing, Layers Compositing , Matte Painting Development, Stereo Compositing ,Paint & Cleanup using Adobe Photoshop & Fusion)

    PF Track (PFTrack  | Basics, PFTrack | Advanced,  Matchmoving Basics, Camera Tracking,  Camera Match in 3D)


    1. Projects/Demoreel

    Rendering  for Visual Effects

    Bringing it all together

    Set Extensions

    Assignments & Presentations

    Course Outcome:

    To carry on the Visual Effects, TGC make sure that student develops skills and knowledge in Cinematography, color’s and light’s techniques along with elementary knowledge of 2D and 3D animation skills. Visual Research is expected to be done to comprehend the concepts more clearly and implement them in their live projects. During the 18 months of learning, student will be able to learn expert level learning of VFx.

    Technologies Used:

    Using the technique of editing, the aesthetic value of an ordinary or an average image can also be imprinted in the minds of the viewers as the explicit union of eye catching reward and fun. A final piece of the video is created by modification and re-arrangement of the video segments for one or more videos thereby creating the final video. Maya, Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Fusion, Real Flow, Camera Tracking, Final Cut Pro etc. are used to make the course high on content and delivery.

    Career Scope:

    After pursuing integrated course in Visual Editing, you can have many career opportunities to establish your position as Digital Effects Animator and Painter, Modeler, Technical Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Compositor and Pre-Visualization Artist in TV Production House, Advt. Agencies and Animation Studios etc.

    Why TGC?:

    TGC offers you the best facilities and infrastructure. It helps you in building up your personality. It has trained teachers with a very good experience. Independent computers are made available to every student to work on particular concepts. Libraries and laboratories are open even after the classes. TGC offers extensive classroom programs with rigorous practices. Each class is restricted to a time span of 2 hours so the students do not feel overloaded.
    For more information on Diploma in Visual Effects, kindly contact us.

    Upcoming Batches:

    Starts Duration
    (Normal Track)
    (Fast Track)
    3rd Dec
    18 months 9 months Mon-Fri
    17th Nov
    148 sessions NA Sat & Sun
    17th Dec
    18 months 9 months Mon-Fri
    1st Dec
    148 sessions NA Sat & Sun

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    Course Key Features

    • Course Duration

      Normal Track: 18 Months (2 Hours/ 5 Days)

      Fast Track: 9 Months (4 Hours/ 5 Days)

      Weekend Batches: Available (Sat. & Sun/ Only Sundays)

    • Assignment
      Brilliantly designed assignments covering Primary, Intermediate and Advanced level evaluations in animation and vfx
    • Project
      Live Projects (Individual and Group) with hands on experience on real time problem solving techniques
    • Post Training Assistance
      Continual assistance in knowledge and application updates to broaden subject horizon
    • Study Material
      Meticulously designed Course material including Course booklet, Training Videos, Tips and Tricks & Resource files etc.
    • Portfolio
      An expert level Visual Effects Production showreel endorsed by leading animators in India.
    • Certification
      TGC Autonomous Certificate in Visual Effects. Adobe/ Autodesk certificate (optional)

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    Aravind Kumar
    Aravind Kumar
    06:27 04 Jun 18
    It was the most challenging but the best experience I had. All the teachers (especially Ravi Sir ) were supportive and helpful all the time. With one word they are amazing. TGC India was definitely the correct place for my career boost.Thanks to everyone, I enjoyed every single moment. Thanks for this great opportunity and the unforgettable time.
    Aditya Chauhan
    Aditya Chauhan
    06:22 14 Jun 18
    TGC Animation and Multimedia My experience with this institute and their staff was amazing. I loved the ambiance here and the way teachers deal with students was quite satisfactory. I personally liked Ashwani sir's way of teaching, he is an amazing competent teacher, frank in nature and diligent too. I would recommend this institute to anyone looking for web design course.
    sarika singh
    sarika singh
    09:40 13 Jun 18
    Very helpful, friendly and supporting atmosphere there. We had Very motivating trainer. Good teaching skills, we were provided notes and made to give test very regular. We Learned everything with joy. I want to recommend TGC Animation to all of you if you wish to learn python programming language in Delhi.
    Prashant Kumar Aaley
    Prashant Kumar Aaley
    07:43 07 Jun 18
    I have a wonderful experience in TGC has great environment and support faculty. I had done graphic design From TGC Animation. Faculties was also very supportive.
    Abhishek Inderyas
    Abhishek Inderyas
    09:04 19 Apr 18
    I have done graphic Designing course from TGC Multimedia and Animation. My experience has been very descent and great with the faculty as well as the teacher coordinator - Mr Zakir sir. He has guided me all along this way towards the new beginning the field of designing. I would suggest all who are interested to pursue their dreams seriously, must attend TGC for best guidance and teaching.
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