Adv. Certification in Character Design using Illustrator CC

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    Cartoon characters fascinate every sole individual on this earth ranging from all age groups to almost all age groups. Cartoons are the best way to communicate, and comprehend as you can grasp each and every minute detail with its fashionable and eye catching portrays and frames as you will be completely glued towards its orientation. Illustrator Character Design is software that offers you the most creativity and fun based aspect of Web Design.


    Tutorials of Illustrators start from basic level going to advanced levels, which can be mastered within a short span of time. It is convenient and flexible to learn, and its orientation along with the very purpose of an innovative type of comprehension will always amuse you to learn and develop new tricks and concepts to become skilled expertise in this domain. The tutorials guide you stepwise boasting your interest to acquire more knowledge and updated concepts with the help of pictorial guidelines too.

    Course Outline:

    • The feeling of image creation is natural and should be innate. It should not be manipulated with any kind of scientific formula alone every time
    • Initiate with abstract shapes in your mind and then take them ahead with proper designs and confrontations
    • Instead of working from your mind alone, take references from various designs and websites.
    • Your strengths should be plotted and utilized beneficially to support your designs as to mark them as your skills in this domain.
    • Emotions of any character can be changed in numerous ways thereby adding to liveliness to your character.
    • Start framing your characters from basics shapes instead of jumping upon to complex shapes from the beginning. Stepwise framing of designs is of utmost importance and priority. There should be well planning of the project so that you can conclude it on a proper note.

    Course Outcome:

    On completion of the course, you will master the techniques of giving emotions to the characters, plotting of appropriate designs, maintaining grids and spacing. You will be well versed with the effects that bring liveliness to the characters. You will also learn the skills of formulation and manipulation of the projects.

    Technologies Used:

    It involves processing of colors and sketching of the characters using the pen tool techniques to shape up the finest lines of the frames and sketches. Over the period, you can get a hang of how to create exquisite and attractive characters of your own interest. With the help of powerful inking techniques and tools, you can use your own tricks to make your work more lively and praised.

    Career Scope:

    Students will be placed in various reputed organizations across the globe and will have various opportunities to shape up their career.

    Why TGC?:

    Students at TGC are very confident. TGC provides best infrastructure and hygienic environment. They have trained faculties with experience of minimum 5 years. Clean drinking water and refreshment facilities are also made available.
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