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    INTRODUCTION OF Vue.js Course in Delhi

    Vue.js was developed in the year of 2013 by a former employee of Google. Vue.js Training is a javascript library that focuses on the view model. Vue.js is a JavaScript Framework to build high-performance client-side web applications. Vue.js is a progressive framework. It can be incrementally adopted and easily used in conjunction with other frameworks. The core Vue library is focused on the view layer, but a wide array of other libraries can be added to make sophisticated single-page applications.

    Course outcome of the Vue.js Course Institute

    • Vue.js and how it can be incrementally it’s implemented
    • Vue.js templates
    • Bind Vue.js code into HTML style classes and inline styles
    • Handle the events in Vue.js applications
    • Implement unit tests in Vue.js applications
    • Deploy Vue.js applications


    • Getting Started with Vue.js
    • Using Vue.js to Interact with the DOM
    • Using Conditionals and Rendering Lists
    • First Course Project — The Monster Slayer
    • Understanding the Vue.js Instance
    • Moving to a “Real” Development Workflow with Webpack and Vue CLI
    • An Introduction to Components
    • Communicating between Components
    • Advanced Component Usage
    • Second Course Project — Wonderful Quotes
    • Handling User Input with Forms
    • Using and Creating Directives
    • Improving your App with Filters and Mixins
    • Adding Animations and Transitions
    • Connecting to Servers via Http — Using Vue-resource
    • Routing in a Vue.js Application
    • Better State Management with Vue
    • Final Project — The Stock Trader
    • Deploying a Vue.js Application


    • Vue.js


    Students who complete this course have the following career options

    • Web Developer
    • Frontend Developer

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    WHY TGC?

    TGC India is a leading Web Design Institute in Delhi with branches across the country. Among the numerous high-level courses it offers, is the Angular Course. It provides an educational environment that houses both local and foreign students who share ideas to develop their visual communication skills. It boasts of well trained and highly experienced staff who are both friendly and courteous and ready to train using Live projects and the interactive learning system whose benefits outweigh online tutorials or self-help books. Take an Angular course with TGC India today.

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