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The Advanced Certification Course in Graphic Design & Prepress is one of the finest  Courses available around and deals with the utilization of graphic training in product advertisement, branding and information dissemination. Being the Best Graphic Design Training Center in Delhi NCR, the Course entails all the processes that go into the making of print for commercial, editorial and educational purposes, A special module of Prepress in the end address all practical issues involved in Offset, Digital, Silkscreen, Rotogravure etc. Students of this course will also earn certification from Adobe by successfully clearing the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam.


This professional Graphic Design course would train the student to apply the principles and elements of design in product branding and advertising. Students will have complete hands-on graphic design training on all popular applications such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC etc. used in print mediums, special classes based on Typography, Colour Sense will expand the knowledge of students towards the aesthetics.

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Graphic Design  Course Modules 

MODULE 1-  Commercial & Digital Illustrations 

  • Vector Illustration
  • Vector Vs. Raster
  • Creating manual Illustrations
  • Colour Schemes and Theories
  • Gestalt Psychology of Design
  • Hierarchy of importance in a design
  • Illustration design for logos
  • Designing illustrations for Publications
  • Working with Illustrative infographics
  • Creating Packaging artworks
  • Case Studies & Project.

MODULE 2-  Advanced Digital Artistry, Publication Layout & PrePress

  • Advanced Raster Imaging
  • Creating collages with Digital and Matt Painting
  • Advanced Image Color Correction Techniques
  • Picture Retouching like a Pro
  • Designing for Publication Layouts 
  • Advanced Typesetting skills
  • PrePress- Sending Design jobs to Press
  • Press Terms used in Offset, RotoGravures, Silk Screen to Digital Press
  • Choosing right File Formats
  • Process, strategy, and costing

MODULE 3 – Design Aesthetics

  •  The window cut/ viewfinder
  •  Pencil as a measuring device
  • Shapes and forms
  • Practicing shapes into forms
  • Types of shading 
  • Tones of shading 
  • Perspective – one point, two point, three point
  •  Types of design- Graphic, Packaging, Interior, Fashion, Automobile, Toy, Product, Jewelry, 
  • Principles of design- Emphasis, Contrast, Balance,  Alignment, Repetition, Flow
  • Color theory 
  • The science of color
  • Color Perception and Human Responses 
  • Color interaction and effects 
  • Color in design principles 
  • Use of color in design 
  • Colors and printing 
  • What is logo
  • Types of logo 
  • A short history of logo design 
  • What makes a good logo
  • The logo design process
  • Rules to follow
  • Logo Construction 
  • Corporate identity 
  • Technical terms of typography 
  • Types of fonts
  • Font selection in design
  • Rules to follow in typography 
  • Product Campaign 
  • Social Campaign 
  • Service Campaign 
  • Movie Campaign 
  • Research Process till Post testing 
  • All types of appeals
  • What is creative brief 
  • Use of creative brief in designing 
  • Types of packaging 
  • Materials to be chosen
  • Color, fonts and image selection 
  • Consumer Reaction with case studies 
  • Types of ad agencies 
  • Different departments of ad agencies 
  • How they work 
  • Facebook Ad Design 
  • Instagram Ad Design
  • Other Social Media Design
  • Setting up Behance profile
  • Keys to make a stunning portfolio
  • Portfolio Refining
Placement sessions
  • Interview Question bank
  • Mock interview preparation
  • Presenting works


  • Digital Illustrations
  • Advanced Digital Imaging
  • Layout for publication design, Prepress & Production.

Software Covered


  • Logos & identity design
  • Stationery Design- Business cards, Letterheads and Envelopes
  • Design with Type (Typography projects)
  • Magazine cover page
  • Matte painting & Digital painting
  • Surreal Portrait
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Color Correction for Photographers
  • Poster Design
  • Web Template design UI & mock-ups
  • Album Cover
  • Designing for Notice and Announcements
  • Designing for social media
  • Background patterns
  • GIF Animations and Memes
  • Printing- Process, strategy, and costing
  • Object Drawing ( Emoji- icons)
  • Corporate identity design
  • POP material
  • Infographics
  • Gift Certificate
  • Brand Identity
  • Designing Web Assets- Buttons and Banners
  • 2-3 Point Perspective Designs
  • Catalogues and Brochure design
  • Newspaper Layouts
  • Coffee Table books design
  • Cartoon Character
  • Multiple styles of Packaging to Mockups
  • Designing Advertising artworks
  • Invoices
  • Labels
  • Merchandising design for events and exhibitions
  • Outdoor media designs


Why you should Choose Graphic design course at tgc india

At TGC India, we believe that choosing our Graphic Design course can be a life-changing decision for several reasons. Our institute is renowned for its excellence in graphic design education and has established itself as a leading institution in the field. Here’s why you should choose our Graphic Design course at TGC India:

1. Expert Faculty:

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled faculty members who are experts in the field of graphic design. They possess in-depth knowledge and are dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance to our students.

2. Industry-Relevant Curriculum:

Our Graphic Design course curriculum is carefully designed to align with the latest industry trends and requirements. We ensure that students receive practical and up-to-date knowledge that prepares them for real-world design challenges.

3. Practical Training:

At TGC India, we believe in a hands-on approach to learning. Our Graphic Design course emphasizes practical training, allowing students to work on real projects, develop their skills, and build a professional portfolio.

4. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

We provide a conducive learning environment with modern infrastructure, equipped with the latest software and hardware tools used in the graphic design industry. Our well-equipped labs and design studios enable students to explore their creativity to the fullest.

5. Industry Exposure:

TGC India has strong ties with various industries and design studios. We organize regular workshops, seminars, and guest lectures by industry professionals, providing our students with valuable insights and networking opportunities.

6. Placement Assistance:

We understand the importance of career opportunities after completing the course. TGC India offers dedicated placement assistance to students, helping them secure internships and job placements in renowned companies.

7. Holistic Development:

Our Graphic Design course not only focuses on technical skills but also emphasizes overall personality development. We conduct workshops on communication skills, teamwork, and creative thinking to groom our students into well-rounded professionals.

8. Flexibility:

We offer flexible batch timings to cater to the diverse needs of students, including working professionals and those pursuing other educational courses simultaneously. This flexibility ensures that individuals can pursue their passion for graphic design without disrupting their existing commitments.

9. Alumni Network:

TGC India takes pride in its vast network of successful alumni who have excelled in the graphic design industry. Our alumni continue to contribute to our students’ growth by providing mentorship and industry insights.

10. Recognition and Awards:

TGC India has been recognized for its contribution to the education sector and has received numerous awards for its excellence in graphic design training.

By choosing the Graphic Design course at TGC India, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and industry exposure necessary to thrive in the dynamic field of graphic design. Join us to unlock your creative potential and embark on a rewarding career journey.


After completing a Graphic Design course, you will have various career options to explore in the dynamic field of design. Here are some potential career paths you can consider:

1. Graphic Designer: As a graphic designer, you can work in design studios, advertising agencies, marketing departments, or as a freelancer. You’ll create visual concepts, design layouts, and use various software tools to produce designs for print and digital media.

2. UI/UX Designer: User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers focus on enhancing the usability and overall experience of digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, and software interfaces. They create visually appealing and intuitive interfaces that effectively communicate with users.

3. Brand Identity Designer: Brand identity designers help organizations establish a strong brand image by creating logos, color schemes, typography, and other visual elements that represent the brand’s values and personality. They ensure consistency across various brand touchpoints.

4. Packaging Designer: Packaging designers specialize in creating attractive and functional packaging for products. They consider branding, consumer psychology, and practical aspects to design packaging that stands out on store shelves and effectively communicates the product’s features.

5. Motion Graphics Designer: Motion graphics designers combine graphic design with animation techniques to create visually engaging content for videos, films, television, and online platforms. They use software tools to bring static designs to life through movement and visual effects.

6. Art Director: Art directors are responsible for overseeing the visual style and artistic direction of projects. They collaborate with designers, photographers, and other creative professionals to ensure cohesive and visually compelling outcomes.

7. Illustrator: Illustrators create visual representations of ideas, concepts, and narratives through drawings, paintings, or digital illustrations. They work across various industries, such as publishing, advertising, editorial, and gaming.

8. Print Production Specialist: Print production specialists are experts in preparing and managing the printing process. They work closely with designers and printers to ensure accurate color reproduction, proper file formatting, and high-quality output for printed materials.

9. Freelancer/Entrepreneur: After gaining experience and building a strong portfolio, you can choose to work as a freelance graphic designer, offering your services to clients on a project basis. Alternatively, you can start your own design studio or agency, managing a team and handling various design projects.

Graphic Design Institutes / Colleges in Delhi

TGC India has a reputation for churning out highly skilled graphic design students who are spread across lots of advertising, publication, news media, packaging, digital and offset press companies in India and all parts of the world. TGC India is the best & leading Graphic Design Courses Institute south  Delhi & Jaipur .  Students can choose from various Short Term Certificate & Diploma Courses in Graphic Design.
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TGC India courses also come with 100% placement guarantee asides providing an excellent learning environment for students due to its international standard facilities, international students, and influence and extracurricular activities and industry exposure. So those students we are looking to make their career in graphic design join best Graphic Design Institute for  graphic design.

Frequently Ask Question – Graphic Design Course

A) Is this a practical course or only theory is being covered?

TGC Graphic Design course is a 100% practical course, even concepts of design theories are also being covered in a practical manner. Students take a day to day sessions of Graphic Design’s Pre-production, Production and Post Production aspects in a real-time environment. TGC also serves as a finishing school for many of the fine arts colleges where digital aspects of learning are limited or just theory is being covered.

B) What is the eligibility of Trainers, teaching Graphic Design at TGC?

We have a pool of Graphic Designers working as Trainers at TGC, Most of our trainers are qualified to design graduates or coming from a solid working experience in the graphic design industry. We also appoint industry specialists and who’s who as “Guest Trainers” delivering lectures on Typography, Copywriting, Digital artistry, Design theories, PrePress, Portfolio making and Portfolio critic etc.

C) Is this course available in both classroom and instructor-led online training mode?

Yes! Our Classroom mode course is available at our various centres in Delhi, Jaipur and elsewhere in India, whereas we are also one of the leading training providers of Graphic Design training in an instructor-led arrangement, we do not conduct recorded sessions like youtube or udemy. At TGC, students can interact with trainers and class coordinators anytime during the learning and after it as well to ask questions and solve their queries. We deliver our online classes either through Zoom or MS Teams platform. All our instructors are top-notch experienced graphic designers from Indian origin. We also provide IT managers during online learning to solve any of the unexpected network glitches.

D) Will I be able to do practical projects for advertising, publication, packaging and outdoor media etc.?

Yes, of course, Our Graphic design course has a designated list of projects to be completed by the students under the supervision of a trainer. These projects are industry-specific and at times covers live projects as well. Each project is being assessed thoroughly and feedback is being given in one to one manner. After due assessment students are also being persuaded to upload their design work on platforms like Behance and Dribble etc.

E) Is this course available on both Weekdays and Weekends?

Yes, most of the courses either classroom or online mode are available in both weekdays and weekends mode. Weekdays courses are available from Mon-Fri whereas Weekends mode are either Sat-Sun or only on Sundays based on student’s own convenience.

F) Can I take a free demo class before I join a course?

Yes! Students have the option of attending 2 free demo classes before they choose to join a course. Students may interact with trainers and students during these demo classes, also they can have a fair look at the syllabus and delivery methods during these demo sessions.

G) Does the institute have training on Mac or Windows systems? should I need to bring my own laptop or will the institute be able to provide me with a machine for practice?

We do provide classes both on Mac and Windows platforms, Each student is being allotted time for practice, for which system will be provided by the institute. students are also allowed to bring their own laptops as we provide them with free wi-fi.

H) How to compare TGC with other institutes, while I decide to join this course in Graphic design?

Almost 20 years old institute, the legacy of 15000+ passed out students and unmatched placement record always makes us distinct from others, but if that is not enough, other reasons include small batch sizes, personalised learning, experienced and qualified trainers in design, 4.8/ 5 google reviews makes us an institute with a difference. No one teaches Graphic Design better than TGC.

I) Will I be given Placement assistance from TGC?

Yes, at TGC we have our own placement liasoning cell, Placement cell helps students in creating an eye-catching portfolio, developing an awesome profile, uploading works on various channels, helping students to equip with mock interviews etc., coordinating with various companies for fresh recruitments, arranging interviews and finally getting students to succeed with a placement offer.
For bright students, we also have an assured paid internship offer.

Upcoming Batches:

Starts Duration
(Normal Track)
(Fast Track)
1st Jan
6 months 3 months Mon-Fri
1st Jan
48 sessions NA Sat & Sun
1st Jan
6 months 3 months Mon-Fri
1st Jan
48 sessions NA Sat & Sun

Course Reviews

  1. Monika verma says:

    Monika Verma
    Amazing institute, nice experience with Zakir sir.

  2. Sheila Oberoi
    If you are an aspiring graphic designer, photographer, programmer or SEO professional TGC has a variety of courses that will definitely bring out your latent potential ! Excellent faculty, facilities and the teaching has a practical approach. Thank you TGC.

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52 Responses on Advanced Certification Course in Graphic Design & Prepress"

  1. Monika verma says:

    Monika Verma
    Amazing institute, nice experience with Zakir sir.

  2. Sheila Oberoi
    If you are an aspiring graphic designer, photographer, programmer or SEO professional TGC has a variety of courses that will definitely bring out your latent potential ! Excellent faculty, facilities and the teaching has a practical approach. Thank you TGC.

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