Photography Courses Institute in Delhi

Sunday Photography Course

Become a professional photographer in a matter of weeks with this photography course that takes place only on Sundays. This course was created for working professionals to afford them an opportunity to put their lifelong photography dream to test. Learn how to take pictures and edit like a pro alongside covering events, functions, seminars and luncheons. Utilize your free Sundays by learning a lifelong skill that can soon see you quitting your job to pursue full time.

Advertising and Product Photography Course
Dive into the world of advertisement and product photography. With this course you would learn how to take photographs of products that would be used for advertisement in magazines, newspapers, billboards and televisions.  Learn all the tricks in the book used to make products look way better on adverts and posters than they are in real life. This is a very intensive training with lots of seminars, workshops and field work.

Events and Portraits Photography Course
Begin to cover events in a matter of weeks with this photography course. Learn how to cover different types of events by following the exact  rules that  pertain to a particular type of event such as parties, tournaments, luncheons, dinners, meetings, seminars, get together , shows and functions. Get into the business of portraits photography as well and reap the huge benefits embedded in the world of photography for those who are skilled and marketable enough.

Editorial and Crime Scene Photography Course
Become an asset in the field of journalism by learning the intricacies of covering crime scenes for either freelance or for both local and international editorials. Learn how this kind of photography differs from others especially in the taking of details with time stamps and also in black and white. This course is a complete hands on training with mentor interaction, workshops, seminars, field work and show reel development.

Sports , Action and Press Photography Course
Learn how to cover sporting events and also celebrity pictures. Learn how to work the camera to capture events at the exact timing. Learn how to commercialize such money shots and take advantage of the ever growing interest of the masses in sports, action and celebrity news. Become an expert photographer and begin to take pictures for international blogs and websites. Learn how to make yourself self-employed with this photography course alongside taking up good photography job positions. This course also offers a placement guarantee among other benefits.

Travel, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Course
Start your Journey to becoming a wildlife photographer by enrolling for this very unique course. This course would serve as a stepping stone for you on your way to having pictures featured on travel websites, blogs and television station. Master the act of taking pictures in both natural and artificial light and also taking pictures of wildlife in their natural habitat. Bring your love for nature and wildlife into pixels and make a living doing it.

Fashion Photography Course
Become the official photographer for fashion blogs, fashion stores and fashion spreads by enrolling in this course. Take advantage of the seminars, workshops and show reel development it offers it’s students.

Food Photography Course
Learn how to capture the essence of food in pictures with this course. . This course is a 100 % practical course. It entails team projects, assignments, workshops and seminars as well as a show reel development

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