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    Social Media marketing course deals with creating and exchanging information with people through productive interactions. With the blending of technological and ideological foundations and the perfect mix of several applications of the internet, Social media can do wonders. A Social Media course at TGC is everything you need to learn to master the art of selling things via Social Media.

    Buyers take social media training as the most convenient and active form of acquiring information about various products. According to recent study, In countries like India, the total amount of time spent on social media is 121 billion minutes, which marks the increase of 37% from the preceding year.


    The objective of ‘Social Media Optimization Course’ is to let students master the art of selling products via leveraging the power of Social media both in terms of organic and paid social media. Students are able to achieve the objective by being exposed to live projects during the learning. Following are the course modules.

    Module 1: Overview of Social Media Optimization 

    • Understanding the Social Media
    • Why Does Your Business require Social Media?
    • How to use Social marketing to create your business brand?
    • Defining and Implementing the Social Media Plan
    • Different Social Media Options
    • SEO Guidelines for Social Media Optimization
    • How to make money from SMO

    Module 2 : Facebook Advertising

    • Overview of Facebook Marketing
    • Facebook Business  page Setup  How to earn likes.
    • Building a Business brand over Facebook
    • Understanding and creating Facebook Groups and Communities
    • Interacting with Customer using Facebook
    • How to  make money with the help of Facebook.
    • How to do marketing on a fan page?
    • How to engage fans on your fan page?
    • Facebook Posting / Sharing
    • Use of Hashtags on Facebook
    • Case studies on Facebook marketing

    Module 3. Instagram Advertising

    • Overview of Instagram Marketing
    • Instagram Business Account Setup 
    • Instagram marketing Strategy
    • Instagram Hashtags 
    • Instagram Analytics
    • How to Increase Engagement & Followers.

    Module 4 : Twitter Marketing

    • Overview of Twitter Marketing
    • Creating a brand name over Twitter
    • Twitter Marketing Strategy
    • Twitter Tools to Manage Twitter
    • Achieve Your Business Goals with Twitter
    • Leveraging Hashtags, Retweets and Trends on Twitter
    • Case studies on twitter marketing

    Module 5 : Pinterest Marketing

    • Overview of Pinterest  Marketing
    • What is Pinterest and why is it so different?
    • How it works – the basics
    • How it works – marketing techniques
    • Integrating Pinterest with other platforms
    • How to use third party content to your advantage
    • Establishing and keeping followers
    • Encouraging conversation and engagement
    • Driving Traffic through Pinterest For You Website.

    Module 6 : LinkedIn Marketing

    • Overview of LinkedIn Marketing
    • Establishing Connection with LinkedIn
    • How to Grow Your Contacts over LinkedIn
    • Creating groups in LinkedIn
    • Creating Events in LinkedIn
    • Company profile vs. individual profiles
    • Company Page Profile Creation
    • Services / Products Addition
    • Case studies on LinkedIn marketing

    Social media Marketing Course Modules

    Module 7 : Understanding Social Media & Marketing Fundamental 

    • Differences between Social Media Marketing and other Marketing
    • Types of marketing
    • What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing

    Module 8 Facebook Advertising 

    • Facebook Marketing Fundamentals
    • Facebook Marketing Overview
    • SET UP Facebook Ads
    • Facebook Shopping Campaign Setup
    • Additional Advertising Options
    • Viewing Advertising Data
    • Measure ROI

    Module 9 Instagram  Advertising for Business

    • Instagram Advertising fundamental 
    • Instagram Ads setup
    • Instagram Ads Design
    • BOOST An Instagram Post
    • Measure Your Instagram Success With Statistics & Insights

    Module 10 Twitter Advertising  Business

    • Using Twitter Ads for Business
    • Launch all of Twitter’s objective-driven campaigns
    • Use all of the targeting features in the Twitter Ads platform
    • Set up Twitter’s Universal Tracking Pixel

    Module 11 LinkedIn Advertising for Business

    • Setup LinkedIn Ads 
    • Design The Perfect Ad
    • Create Sponsored Content
    • Create Sponsored Ads Text 
    • Design The Perfect Ad
    • Use Linkedin Campaign Manager

    Module 12 Quora Ads

    • Setting Up Quora Ad Campaigns
    • Reading and Analyzing Data
    • Generate lead from Quora
    • Measure ROI

    Module 13 Native Marketing

    • What is Native marketing?
    • Setting up Native marketing ads
    • Generating leads from Taboola and Ad brains etc.
    • Measure ROI


    We have Live Industrial Projects for Our Students That will help them to improve their convenient Skills throughout the Training as well as through the internship.

    Course Outline:

    This course has contents that would help you understand the entire orientation in an elaborate way. It covers up with topics that would groom you with

    • The advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing
    • Developing plans of marketing of social media
    • Management and orientation of your social media sites and tool boxes
    • Building up a content and making it search engine efficient for maximum optimization
    • Connecting with social media sites and accessing minor platforms of socialism
    • Creating your own strategies and fixing up bugs with proper analysis of the data
    • Marketing landscapes and implications of various brands and updating self with social media trends
    • Planning frameworks to blog and influence communities of social media

    Course Outcomes:

    On completing it, students will learn about accessing the values of social media and taking them onto your business developments. They will know how to differentiate the various marketing activities of social media.  They will have an exact idea of reviewing the products of their brands as in where they are being discussed the most. They will learn different skills on how to expand their outlook and take things positively. Also, they will learn the tactics of meeting the targets within given time duration efficiently.

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