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Advanced PPC training in Delhi

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    Internet Marketing is emerging day by day. Many new courses related to the same are coming up drawing top-notch career opportunities for ambitious learners for PPC expert. ‘PPC Training in Delhi’ involves a model of internet advertising which is used to channelize the traffic to websites. In this entire process, publishers are paid by the advertisers whenever the user clicks on the ads. Relevant to the target market, advertisers bid on the keywords using search engines. It provides a global platform for advertising campaigns on Yahoo, Google etc.


    The very purpose of PPC course in Delhi is to achieve profitability rate in internet marketing. Keeping a track on the number of clicks will help you know the amount of interest and attention your website is attaining. The objective is to attain a certain amount of impressions of the web with the quality and placement in the rankings.

    Course Outline:

    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) introduces you to basic concepts of SEM and PPC, setting up an account for AdWords of Google and differentiating between organic and inorganic searches.
    • Setup of PPC Campaign covers up the key points like forming and naming of a campaign, displaying devices and locations, searching for different networks and managing the expenses incurred.
    • Keywords make you master the concepts of selection of different types of keywords by carrying out an extensive research and diagnosis. It helps you manage impressions, track the cost on per click, maintains the quality of the score and destination of the URL.
    • Increasing the quality score involves determining the placing of the advertisement and payment levels etc.

    Course Outcome:

    On completion, students will learn management of accounts, targeting keywords, formatting ads, analyzing of tracking of e-commerce, monitoring the performances, completing the targets within the given time duration, scrutinizing the growth, profitability, and performances, management of the ad groups and campaigning etc.


    Technologies like flat rate PPC and Bid-Biased PPC are used. They advertise on fixed amount decided for each click, and in auctions, which are privately hosted by the publishers or advertising networks respectively.

    Career Scope:

    Digital Marketing with its growing popularity has targeted a maximum number of audiences and is growing rapidly. It offers wide career opportunities with advertising agencies and big firms including various domains. You can be placed as marketing professionals in reputed companies around the globe.

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    Why TGC :

    We are organized PPC course in Delhi with the assets of well-versed facilities of laboratories, equipment, libraries, references, and amenities. We have a set of trained faculties who will channel you through the course and help you solve your queries. We offer proper consultancies in placements and evaluation of companies. We certify you with the course and are affiliates to reputed university.

    TGC India provides the best infrastructure building up the greater confidence in you to rise up and shine with zest and immense ambition to succeed and sustain the competition.
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    1st Jan
    4 weeks 2 weeks Mon-Fri
    1st Jan
    8 sessions NA Sat & Sun

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