Foundation Course in 3D Animation

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    INTRODUCTION OF Foundation Course in 3D Animation

    3D animation training at TGC deals with graphics that deal with the three-dimensional representation of the data which is in the geometric form. Such images are matched with the real world images. 3D animations are usually referred to as the 3D models. There are many similar algorithms on which these graphics rely upon. They are technically displayed on the graphical units, which are used for modeling and rendering of the 3D models and images. They are usually not confined to virtual space because of the printing of the 3D models. TGC one of the best institutes for 3d animation in India and considering the demand of animators across the world offers courses from foundation level which eventually can be upgraded in more advanced courses in all forms of animation.


    The very rationale of this course is to bring out the creativity of distinct skills like drawing, graphics, designing, sketching, pixel animation, sand animation, clay animation etc. TGC during its courses also focuses on making the students self sufficient in proposing the ideas on projects with complete elaboration and justification to the ideas.

    Course Outline:

    • Learning the basic foundation of the computer graphics
    • Learning the basic techniques of animation and modeling
    • Learning the proper application of the blender in creating 3D models
    • Learning the art of stating the 3D  animations in the computer graphics
    • Learning the basics and advanced topics of the mesh modules and comprehension of texturing, mapping, blending, fluid, hair clothing and motion tracking
    • The course content comprises of the segment wherein you learn about the animation of the character, materials and lighting, posing and rigging etc.

    Course Outcome:

    On completion of foundation course in 3d animation at TGC, students will have the general knowledge of animations. They will be able to draw and frame 3D models with complete ease and confidence. They will master the skills of comprehension of the basic algorithms used in formatting and framing of the images. They will become competent to interact with their colleagues and bosses with proper outlook on the projects. The institute will train them to meet the deadlines completing the projects within the given span of time.

    Technologies Used:

    There are various technologies used modeling, rendering and layout and animation. These technologies are used to gain knowledge of the orientation of engineering of the animation that originates from the computer imagery.

    Career Scope:

    With certification in 3D animation course, students will be open to various job opportunities. They can get placed in the prestigious industries of media, social entertainment, and advertising etc. You can also work as a freelancer or start with your own coaching classes. You will also be having the options of teaching as a tutor or a visiting faculty in the schools and colleges of arts across the globe.

    Why TGC:

    TGC offers you with a very good infrastructure along with contemporary course outline in 3d animations. We have well equipped classrooms and laboratories. Libraries are updated with varieties of references. Teachers at TGC are skilled and trained. They possess the experience of not less than 5 years. Facilities like drinking water, canteen, and restrooms are completely hygienic and are well maintained. Every student is provided with a separate computer.
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