10 tips, Why Students from Africa prefer India for animation and multimedia training


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The quality of education directly affects the quality of students. To become a skilled Animation & Multimedia professional quality training is very important. Most of theIndian Institutes follow a structured methodology for Animation & Multimedia Training and offer degree /diploma courses in the field.

This article discusses the reasons why African students prefer India for Animation & Multimedia Training. So here we go:

  1. High quality training
    Indian institutes have state of art infrastructure and offer quality education based on industry standards. Further the admission criterion isflexible for African students. Thus students prefer Indian institutes for Animation & Multimedia Training.
  2. Multiple courses
    India runs a wide variety of courses in animation & multimedia and offers recognized degrees and certificates. Thus African Students can choose have multipleAnimation & Multimedia Training courses to choose from.
  3. Affordable education 
    India provides quality animation education at an affordable cost. The cost of living is also not very high. Thus students from Nigeria and other parts of Africa prefer Indian animation institutes for Animation & Multimedia Training.
  4. Scholarships
    Many Animation & Multimedia Training institutes in India offer scholarships to African students. Thus some students can receive quality education at little or no cost.
  5. Little cultural differences
    India and Africa are culturally quite similar. Besides many Indian animation institutes already have plenty of foreign students. Therefore African students feel a sense of comfort and belonging and prefer Indian institutes for Animation & Multimedia Training.
  6. No visa hassles
    Most of the institutes providing Animation & Multimedia Training in India offer visa assistance and sometimes themselves arrange the visas for their selected African students.
  7. Experienced and accomplished faculty
    Indian institutes offering Animation & Multimedia Training have experienced professionals who bring with them the best industry knowledge. Thus African students prefer these institutes.
  8. Positive testimonials of their peers
    Many African students who were previously with an Animation & Multimedia Training in India are now doing very well in the industry. Thus their testimonials and word of mouth makes India a preferred option for other African students.
  9. English as a medium of education
    India uses English to impart training. Thus Nigerian students don’t have any communication problems in India. They understand all the concepts clearly.
  10. Reputed and established industry
    India’s animation industry has grown to a good level with several popular animation films to its name. The animation industry has established itself well and animation education has gained reputation. Thus Nigeria and other parts of African countries prefer India and Indian institutes for Animation & Multimedia Training

Africa has many animation & multimedia enthusiasts but lacks reputed training institutes. India believes that students from African countries can do very well in animation if they receive formal training from a reputed Indian institute.

India has many reputed training institutes to train young enthusiasts. Most of these institutes have tie-ups with reputed animation studios and offer placements too. Many institute pass outs are doing very well and have earned accolades for the institute.

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