Content Management System (CMS) Short Term Courses


Learn from Industry Leaders

WordPress Training
Word press is the commonest content management system in the world used in over 60 million websites and counting. Learn how to set up websites in word press in a few weeks. This 100% practical course would teach you the functionality of the word press platform, the themes, plugins and other basic features to enable you set up word press websites for personal blogging or for your potential clients effectively and efficiently.

Joomla Training
Learn Joomla, an open source content management framework which is the second most used content management system on the internet. Learn how to use the model view controller interface of Joomla and how to customize Joomla for high level dynamic websites used by banks, institutions and agencies. Learn Joomla as part of your web development goals.

Magento Training
Learn Magento , a software platform mainly for e-commerce.  Start creating and maintain websites for online stores with ease. Learn the intricacies of Magento and how to effectively set up and maintain an online store.

Drupal Core
Drupal is the commonest content management system for News outlets. Learn how to set up Drupal websites and how to maintain and update these sites? Avail yourself the opportunity to work with experienced staff in team projects and show reel development.

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