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    Adobe Systems has developed the proprietary web development tool, which is called the Adobe DreamWeaver. In the year 1997, Macromedia originally developed this tool, but later it was taken over by the Adobe Systems. The latest versions of Dreamweaver have improvised support for various Web Technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, server-side languages of scripting, etc. It has various features like action script, EDML, Wireless markup language, Virtual Basic Script Edition, Java, JavaScript, hypertext markup language etc. It is available in various languages such as Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean etc.


    The motive of this course is a collection of stories and showing them up in an attractive way with the help of various tools. It serves the purpose of regular expressions of codes or texts across the site.

    Course Outline:

    • Training is given in small groups say students with the number of six to eight for a period of four days
    • It helps you create highly professional websites
    • The course gives you the basic knowledge of Dreamweaver and its applications
    • The course will contain the information about rigorous text developments for the website and a clean and simple interfacing
    • The course will help you go through fast and easy formatting of the documents
    • It will contain the information on styling and formatting the page text etc.

    Course Outcome:

    Students will master the skills of successfully designing the website. They will also have the proper knowledge of the appropriate insertion of texts, formats, and columns, or tables. The course will aid you to comprehend the basics of the application of the software, and the exact areas you want to use it for.

    Technologies Used:

    Different technologies are scientifically used in the application. These technologies are blended, with fine skills, to mark the conclusion of the project. The technologies commonly used in the application of the software tools are a selection of proper server-side for scripting, comprehension of the broader perspective in the implementation of the projects in the proper application areas, appropriate creation of the web pages, etc.

    Career Scope:

    Learning Dreamweaver offers you an extremely positive approach to frame your career with various options and opportunities being made available to you. You can get placed in multinational companies or even be tutors or faculties for reputed institutes across the globe. You can also opt for easy work from home opportunities.

    Why TGC?:

    TGC offers you with the platform to telecast your creativity with the union of technology. It gives an aesthetic view of the art of communication in various forms. Students at TGC are given proper training on the course and are provided with separate computers to work. They are also given the leverage of working for extra hours as the self-practice. Students are provided proper facilities like clean drinking water and restrooms. The overall staff of the TGC is very co-operative and supports the students throughout the course.
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    Upcoming Batches:

    Starts Duration
    (Normal Track)
    (Fast Track)
    15th Aug
    6 weeks 3 weeks Mon-Fri
    20th Aug
    12 sessions NA Sat & Sun
    5th Sep
    6 weeks 3 weeks Mon-Fri
    3rd Sep
    12 sessions NA Sat & Sun

    Course Reviews

    1. Arpan Chowdhury
      Completed html in Dreamweaver at TGC,the faculty here is highly cooperative and understanding,I’ve highly enjoyed my course in this short time span,loved to work under Surojit sir.

    1 Responses on Adobe Certification in Dreamweaver CC with Adobe ACA"

    1. Arpan Chowdhury
      Completed html in Dreamweaver at TGC,the faculty here is highly cooperative and understanding,I’ve highly enjoyed my course in this short time span,loved to work under Surojit sir.

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  • Course Key Features

    Course Duration

    Normal Track: 45 Days ( 2 Hours/ 3 Days)

    Fast Track: 3 Weeks ( 2 Hours/ 5 Days)

    Weekend Batches: Available (Sat. & Sun/ Only Sundays)


    Brilliantly designed assignments covering Primary, Intermediate and Advanced level evaluations in Dreamweaver


    Live Projects (Individual and Group) with hands on experience on real time problem solving techniques

    Post Training Assistance

    Continual assistance in knowledge and application updates to broaden subject horizon

    Study Material

    Meticulously designed Course material including Course booklet, Training Videos, Tips and Tricks & Resource files etc.


    An expert level full functional site made in dreamweave endorsed by leading web designers


    TGC Autonomous Certificate in Adobe DreamWeaver CC. Adobe certificate (optional)


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