Adv. Certification in Mobile and Email Marketing

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    Mobile and Email  Marketing is a 21st century marketing strategy that focuses on customizing adverts and marketing campaigns for prospective individuals based on Location, personalized information and timing.


    The mobile and email marketing course would teach students how to  effectively create mobile and marketing campaigns for small and medium enterprises as well as established brands and blue chip companies.


    • Introduction to Mobile  Marketing
    • Introduction to  Email Marketing
    • Direct Mobile Marketing campaign Execution
    • Telemarketing
    • Mobile Media publishing and Advertising
    • Mobile Marketing commerce and Analytics
    • Email Marketing strategies
    • Email Campaign Execution
    • Email Marketing Analytics
    • Mobile Email Marketing


    MODULE 1
    Introduction to Mobile Marketing

    • History of Mobile Marketing
    • The many possibilities of Mobile marketing
    • Traditional Marketing Vs Mobile Marketing
    • Industry regulations and best practices in mobile marketing
    • Mobile Marketing software and platforms
    • Mobile marketing resources

    MODULE 2
    Introduction to Email Marketing

    • History of Email Marketing
    • Email marketing as part of a traditional marketing campaign
    • Revenue generation with email marketing
    • Guiding against spamming in emails
    • Use of email marketing software and platforms

    MODULE 3
    Direct Mobile Marketing campaign Execution

    • Common Text Messaging campaign structure
    • MMS campaign structure

    MODULE 4

    • The power of Telesales
    • Sales Message Preparation
    • Sales Attitude
    • Telemarketing scripts and vocal tones
    • Executing voice enabled mobile campaigns

    MODULE 5
    Mobile Media publishing and Advertising

    • Designing and developing mobile internet sites
    • Developing mobile applications and content
    • Displaying advertisements on Mobile devices
    • Mobile social media marketing
    • Customer data research based on personal information, location and timing

    MODULE 6
    Mobile Marketing Commerce and Analytics

    • Tracking and monitoring mobile marketing results
    • Engaging in Mobile Commerce
    • Evaluating the return on investment on Mobile Marketing

    MODULE 7
    Email marketing strategies

    • Developing objectives
    • Constructing Effective email messages
    • Building a quality Email list

    MODULE 8
    Email Campaign Execution

    • Designing Emails
    • Creating subject lines that get Noticed
    • Including text in emails
    • Including images and links in emails
    • Making your email content valuable

    MODULE 9
    Email Marketing Analytics

    • Delivering and tracking your emails
    • Tracking email campaign results
    • Maximizing email deliverability
    • Capitalizing on clicks and other responses

    MODULE 10
    Mobile Email Marketing

    • Using mobile email marketing templates
    • Using mobile email marketing software
    • Mobile Email marketing best practices
    • Tips for effective mobile email marketing
    • The future of mobile email marketing

    BY THE END OF THE Mobile and Email  Marketing Course, STUDENTS WOULD BE ABLE TO

    • Effectively create and execute a  mobile and email marketing campaign


    Students who complete this course have the following career options

    • Mobile and Email Marketing Course


    TGC India is a leading Graphics and Animation Institute in Delhi with branches across the country.  TGC India has highly qualified and experienced staff.  The Mobile and Email  Marketing   Course with TGC India is a 100% practical course and it comes with a 100% job placement guarantee. The Mobile and Email Marketing   course with TGC India involves team projects, certification coaching and post course online support. Take the Mobile and Email Marketing   course with TGC India today. If You want To learn this Course in Jaipur Click Here Email  & Mobile Marketing Course in Jaipur

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