Node.Js Training in Delhi


    Pre-requisites: Having knowledge of HTML would be require

    Introduction of Node.Js 

    • What is Node.js
    • What is NPM
    • Software Installation
    • Architecture of Node Server
    • Client-side JS Vs Server-side JS
    • MEAN Vs LAMP
    • Execute “Hello World” program using Node.Js Training in Delhi


    • Global Objects
    • System Define Constants
    • Scopes in Java Script
    • Function
      • Regular function
      • Anonymous function
      • Function Expression
    • Hoisting
    • Import modules
    • Export modules
    • Arrow operator
    • User Inputs from terminal
    • Conditional statements
    • Event driven programming
    • Class & Object
    • Inheritance in JS
    • Array of object
    • Attaching custom events with objects

    Asynchronous programming Node.Js Training in Delhi

    • Asynchronous basics
    • Callback functions
    • Callback hell
    • Promises
    • File I/O
    • Access System resources
    • Directories

    Building a HTTP Server 

    • The HTTP Protocol
    • Building an HTTP Server
    • Rendering a response
    • Processing query strings
    • Processing posted data

    Buffer, Streams & Events

    • Using Buffers for Binary data
    • Flowing vs. non flowing streams
    • Streaming I/O from files & other sources
    • Processing streams asynchronously

    Multi-Processing in Node.Js Training in Delhi

    • Working with Child Process API
    • Working with cluster API for multi-core servers

    Express JS Framework

    • The model-view-controller pattern
    • Defining ejs/jade template
    • Configuring express
    • Using REST
    • JSON Data
    • Reading POST Data
    • CRUD Operations
    • Adding Middleware

    Express JS with Mongo /RDBMS

    • How node.js connects to database
    • RDBMS vs NOSQL
    • CRUD operations

  & a chat app

    • Getting started
    • Adding to your app
    • Exploring the front end
    • Sending Live data Back & Forth
    • Creating the Front End UI
    • Showing messages in App
    • Working with Time
    • Timestamps
    • Show message time in chat App
    • Chat application Project

    Build Management

    • js
    • js

    Unit Testing

    • Mocha
    • js


    • This course Covers complete details of Node, Express with MongoDB
    • This course will also cover a projects.
    • This course will cover the concept of Unit testing and Build management.

    WHY TGC?

    TGC India is a leading Web Design and development institute in Delhi with branches across the country. Among the numerous high level courses it offers is the MEAN stack course. It provides an educational environment that houses both local and foreign students who share ideas to develop their visual communication skills and learning mean stack. It boasts of well trained and highly experienced staff who are both friendly and courteous and ready to train using Live projects and the interactive learning system whose benefits outweigh online tutorials or self help books.


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