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    Adobe Photoshop is a Graphics image editing program that is used ubiquitously in the world of Design, Film making , Photography and  Print. Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CC are the latest versions of the software present on the Market with Creative Clouds Options. TGC is a leading institute in India providing unmatched training solutions in Photoshop CC.


    An Adobe Photoshop course that would teach it’s students all the tools and functionality of the adobe Photoshop software in order to use it for designing, editing, simulation and Manipulation.


    • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Interface
    • Photo Corrections and Manipulations
    • Typography through Photoshop
    • How to design art-works in Photoshop
    • Digital Painting.
    • Matte painting and compositing
    • Preparing files for Web.
    • 3D Images & Animation
    • Color Management


    MODULE 1
    Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Interface

    • Use of Photoshop tools
    • Panels and workspace
    • Layers- Layer styles, Layer effects and Adjustment layers
    • Selections- Quick selections and Selection Manipulation
    • Masks
    • Channels
    • Window Options

    MODULE 2
    Basic Photo Corrections and Manipulations

    • Resolutions and Image Size
    • Retouching Photos
    • Camera Raw
    • Image distortion
    • Image color Correction
    • Depth of Field

    MODULE 3

    • Creating Clipping mask from type
    • Creating type on a path
    • Warping point type
    • Designing Paragraphs of type

    MODULE 4
    Creative art-works in Photoshop

    • Bitmap and Vector Images
    • The use of Pen tool
    • The use of Path with artwork
    • Working with custom shapes and smart objects

    MODULE 5
    Digital Painting

    • The use of Mixer Brush
    • Brush settings
    • Use of Custom Brush Preset
    • Mixing Colors with Photographs

    MODULE 6
    Matte painting and compositing

    • Montage of Images
    • Applying Filters and Smart Filters
    • Use of Color Schemes
    • Use of Drop Shadows and Border

    MODULE 7
    Preparing files for Web.

    • Exporting HTML and Images
    • Web Gallery Creation
    • Creating Slices

    MODULE 8
    3D Images & Animation

    • Creating 3D shape from Layers
    • 3D Object Manipulation
    • Merging 3D Layers
    • Positioning of 3D layers in a Scene
    • Lighting a 3D scene
    • Rendering a 3D scene
    • Creating effects
    • Adding transitions
    • Animating text with keyframes

    MODULE 9
    Color Management, File formats and workflow

    • Color Management
    • Gamut colors
    • CMYK EPS Files


    • Image Editing and Enhancement techniques
    • Photo manipulation techniques
    • Logos and identity design
    • Graphic design such as typography, matte painting and digital painting
    • Web design UI and mock-ups
    • GIF Animations and Memes


    • ADOBE Photoshop CC


    Students who complete this course have the following career options

    • Graphic Designers
    • Graphic Tutors
    • Photo Editors with Print and Media Houses
    • Compositing Editor
    • Industrial Designers
    • Web Designers
    • Fine art Photographers
    • Fashion Designers


    TGC India is a leading Graphics and Animation Institute in Delhi conducting specialised course in Photoshop with branches across the country. Among the numerous high level courses it offers is the Adobe Photoshop course. It provides an educational environment that houses both local and foreign students who share ideas to develop their visual communication skills. It boasts of well trained and highly experienced staff who are both friendly and courteous and ready to train using Live projects and the interactive learning system whose benefits outweigh online tutorials or self help books. Take an advanced certification course in adobe photoshop today with TGC India leader in Graphic design course in India today.

    Upcoming Batches:

    Starts Duration
    (Normal Track)
    (Fast Track)
    18th Dec
    6 weeks 3 weeks Mon-Fri
    23rd Dec
    12 sessions NA Sat & Sun
    2nd Jan
    6 weeks 3 weeks Mon-Fri
    6th Jan
    12 sessions NA Sat & Sun

    Course Reviews

    1. Profile photo of Manu Seth Manu Seth says:

      Manu Seth
      Classes of Adobe Photoshop in tgc animation is good can be understand by students easily. thank you TGC Member

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    1. Profile photo of Manu Seth Manu Seth says:

      Manu Seth
      Classes of Adobe Photoshop in tgc animation is good can be understand by students easily. thank you TGC Member

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    Course Key Features

    • Course Duration

      Normal Track: 45 Days ( 2 Hours/ 4 Days)

      Fast Track: 3 Weeks ( 4 Hours/ 4 Days)

      Weekend Batches: Available (Sat. & Sun/ Only Sundays)

    • Assignment
      Brilliantly designed assignments covering Primary, Intermediate and Advanced level evaluations in photoshop
    • Project
      Live Projects (Individual and Group) with hands on experience on real time problem solving techniques
    • Post Training Assistance
      Continual assistance in knowledge and application updates to broaden subject horizon
    • Study Material
      Meticulously designed Course material including Course booklet, Training Videos, Tips and Tricks & Resource files etc.
    • Portfolio
      An expert level Adobe Photoshop CC portfolio containing digital arts samples endorsed by leading graphic designers
    • Certification
      TGC Autonomous Certificate in Adobe Photoshop CC. Adobe certificate (optional)
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