Graphic Design Short Term Courses


Learn from Industry Leaders

Vector Graphic Design
Master the art of creating eccentric logos and poster designs within a few weeks with a flexible time table made to suit the students’ needs which include live project training, weekend class option, seminars, workshops and show reel portfolio development.

Advertising Course
Seize this opportunity to understand the concepts of advertising using print media and the development of a top-of-the –mind brand in achieving excellent sales conversion, the ultimate goal of every commercial organization.

Information Design Course
Develop your ID skills and begin to create well researched and stats balanced content for the print and web. There is never a scarcity of Jobs for information designer and product information creators and graphic designers.

Adobe Photoshop Course
Become a Photoshop Expert with this course. Take this course to begin image enhancement, image manipulation, digital painting and matte painting using Photoshop. Become a graphic designer worth his weight in gold.

Corel Draw Training Course
Take Advantage of this 100% practical course on Corel Draw that teaches you how to apply the principles and element of design to create magnificent designs by both  international pop culture and local standards.

Adobe Illustrator Course
Learn the use of Adobe Illustrator in making great designs in creative arts, visual art and page layout. Become an illustrator guru, mastering the act of character design, logo design, illustration design and Document development using Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Illustration Course
Dive into the world of Comic  and news Illustration, vector designs and Graphic presentations with this practical Adobe illustrator course melted with manual illustration art. Make your comics and info graphics more efficiently using illustrator tools and also make your Multimedia work presentations up to date. Make yourself indispensable to your prospective clients and employers with this course.

Character Design course
Master the skill of creating eccentric character designs for story books, caricatures and newspaper comics and imitations with this live training course that meets the specific needs of the student .

Adobe InDesign training course
Learn how to make magazines, newspapers, brochures, booklets, pamphlets, bulletins and all other forms of print. Become proficient in page layout and design and get jobs with print media houses by taking this course at TGC. Needless to tell TGC is an industry leader in Graphic Design courses.

Adobe Acrobat Course
Learn the skill of PDF document development, file formatting and  other  prepress fundamentals. Become proficient with document creation, handling and organization with this course.

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