Nigeria and India associate to become partners in animation and multimedia training


Training gives an individual direction and a sense of purpose to best fulfill his/her career goals.India and Nigeria have partnered to impart high quality Animation & Multimedia Training to young students in both the countries.

This article discusses the reasons for India’s and Nigeria’s partnership for Animation & Multimedia Training. It also talks about overseas education and presents an analysis on the education association between India and Nigeria.

About Animation in Nigeria
Nigeria’s film industry known as “Nollywood” is popular throughout the world. Nigeria has a huge community of gamers and animation admirers/lovers. Many young students have a knack for animation but they lack formal Animation & Multimedia Training. 

The animation industry in Nigeria is in its evolution stage. The country has small animation houses but they don’t have sufficient finances and Animation & Multimedia Training to build large scale animation. Many skilled students use online tutorials and popular movies to learn basic animation. 

Shina Ajulo the CEO of Sporedust Media, an animation company launched in 2012 says that their first animation short film Chicken Core: The Rise of kings was applauded and received very well by the Nigerian audience.

Ajulo also feels that animation can be inspirational for young children.  It just needs to be adopted and proliferated in the system.
The association between India and Nigeria

India has partnered with Nigeria to offer Animation & Multimedia Training. Many animation training institutes have tied up with education bodies in Nigeria to offer training in the field. The partnership aims to nurture young professionals in both the countries. The association further aims to create an environment where young professionals of both the countries can work together and compete.

In the 1970s and 80s the people in Nigeria were taught by many Indian teachers.
This association expects to build industry ready animation professionals in Nigeria. Nigeria has many passionate youngsters who have vested interests in the field of animation. The association expects to impart them professional knowledge so that they can benefit from the Animation & Multimedia Training and take animation as a career option.

TGC Animation New-Delhi based digital media education group,offers Animation & Multimedia Training to many Nigerian students. The institute also offers scholarships to the students and helps them with their visa formalities. It organizes workshops and introductory sessions in Nigeria. Students can enroll on the spot if they wish to.

Reports say that in 2012 over 1200 Nigerians studied in India. Currently around 25,000 African students study in 500 universities across India. A collaborative initiative called “Indiafrica” launched in 2011, later proliferated to Nigeria and other African countries. The initiative targets the young population in India and Africa and aims to help them use/develop their talents and get employed.

The initiative is run every year and received a participation of 5000 youngsters across India and 36 African countries this year.  This year the famous animated film Arjun: the warrior prince was screened there. The film’s director also conducted a workshop on storytelling using animation. Animation & Multimedia Training is expected to touch all parts of Africa.

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