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Nigeria and India associate to become partners in graphic and web design training


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With the changing life, people have understood the importance of getting the education. Unfortunately still there are many countries, which have enthusiast in different fields but don’t have proper training school to impart the education. One such country is Nigeria, which lacks behind in different type of training, including the graphic and web design training. It will be wrong on my part to say that there are no institutes; they have small animation houses, which are not capable of providing the formal education. Actually their animation industry is in evolving stage.
This is the one area which has gained a lot of popularity recently all over the world. But the inopportune part is even though the students are willing to do this course in Nigeria, but they don’t have the proper training institutes, and this makes them move to other countries in search of better education. In quest of quality education, over the last few years, a large number of students from Nigeria came to India and this ultimately leads to the partnership between India and Nigeria, to impart a high quality graphic and web design training to young students in both the countries.

As per the study
According to the latest data, in the year 2012, around 1200 Nigerians came to India to have the proper education ingraphic and web design training. All over India, there are 25,000 African students who are taking education in different universities. A concerted project called “Indiafrica” launched in 2011, later propagated to Nigeria and other African countries. The inventiveness aims the young population in India and Africa and aspires to assist them use or develop their aptitude and get employed.
This initiative was take whole heartedly by the people of all the countries. And it received the participation of around 5000 youngsters from India, and around 36 countries of Africa.

Reasons for coming to India
Apart for availability of a large number of institutes offeringgraphic and web design training there are many other reasons for the Nigerians to come to India. Among this the most important one is the highly developed animation industry of India. The animation industry of India has made its mark worldwide, and the proof of which can be seen in some of the great masterpieces made in India. Apart from this, the quality equation imparted in these institutes of India, also attracted the Nigerians. Not only this there are many other aspects also, such as the scholarships for Africa’s, affordable fee structure, Multiple course, experienced faculty and the visa assistance by the institutes.

The alliance between India and Nigeria
In India there are a number of training institutes which has tie-ups with education bodies in Nigeria to offer training in the field. The main aim of this great partnership is to foster the younger professional in India and Nigeria as well. It is also a step to make e friendly environment where the students from both the countries can work together.
This is also a step in making the ready animation professionals in Nigeria, which can be done by imparting to professional knowledge to the students of Nigeria, so that they can be benefited by the graphic and web design training, and chooses this as their career option. Great going!!!!

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