10 Killer Tips to Become an Android Developer in 30 days


The term “Android” makes us imagine multiple handsets/devices and thousands of applications built for those devices. There is a huge demand for skilled Android developers in the market. This article discusses 10 killer tips which can help you get started with android development and become a skilled android application developer in 30 days. Let us have a look at the tips:


Tip 1: Gain knowledge of SQL The Android operating system uses the “SQLite” storage system to save data. Whenever there is a device failure or any inadvertent issue a device’s information is backed up here. Therefore in order to develop a robust application in android, it is very important to have good knowledge of SQL.


Tip 2: Learn XML well Android’s user interface is based on XML. There are some layout tools in Android which help create a user interface for the applications. However, most of these tools have bugs/issues and thus are not very reliable. Knowledge of XML can help you fix the issues in it as well and help you create attractive layouts and user interface.


Tip 3: Master Java You can develop great Android applications with good features if you understand Java well. Therefore if you wish to become a versatile android developer knowledge of Java is a must.


Tip 4: Choose an IDE and learn its features Most of the Android applications are developed in the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). To be a productive android application developer it is important to get familiar and comfortable with Eclipse. Familiarize yourself with Eclipse before you proceed to application development.


Tip 5: Download the tools needed for android application development To start developing applications in eclipse you need Java, Eclipse, and Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Download all three to start developing applications.


Tip 6: Read the official Android application design guidelines Google has devised some standard guidelines for designing the user interface of Android applications. A developer has to follow these guidelines when adding user interface elements. Read the guidelines thoroughly online.


Tip 7: Make sure that you develop for the most popular Android version There are always new versions of the Android Operating System (OS) in the market. An application developed for a later version of Android OS will not work in a device which uses the old version. Develop applications for the most popular version of Android OS.


Tip 8: Create a modular reusable user interface structure A large amount of XML goes into the development of a good user interface. Therefore create reusable components in XML which can be used across various layouts for e.g. fragments.


Tip 9: Test your application on a real android device and use an emulator Get hold of at least two Android devices with different screen sizes preferably. When your application is ready to test its features and basic functionality.  Use an emulator to see the look of your application on other devices with various screen sizes.


Tip 10: Join the android community Android is a whole new world in itself with its own way of putting things to work. To learn the android’s way and keep yourself updated join the Android open source community to share ideas and gain knowledge. Whenever you are in doubt use “Google”. Attend fast-track courses or webinars to gain specialized skillsets. Apply Android software best practices and start developing simple applications before moving on to the complex ones. You might also enroll in an android training institute for an android training.

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