10 reasons for developing web applications with PHP


1: Free experience support from 1000 php communities

In fact, there are probably more than 1000 communities that can provide you with the help of php. There are literally hundreds of dedicated PHP web development forums and hundreds more that have php sub-forums. Help for the beginner in php is literally a forum post away. In general you will find an answer to your problem in a very short time. Get help from more experienced PHP developers is a great pleasure because it can eliminate much of the uncertainty that comes with learning something new.

2: The cost of an open source application is nothing

Unlike other proprietary coding languages (especially the language of Microsoft aspx) you do not pay a peny to start with php programming. In fact, there is no need for php or download any software to start. Just use an editing tool open source and start programming. Load your code to a cheap hosting account and away. You can easily get open source editors from a variety of sources. A Google search for “php editors” returns hundreds of possibilities. As you progress you can download as LAMP or WAMP packages so you can see php in action on a live server environment.

3: Open source are more secured – because everyone knows what is in it

Again, unlike the proprietary systems, web service, everyone can see what is done in php. Some argue that this makes php less secure because everyone knows what php specific exploits exist. My opinion is that the open nature of PHP, literally “forces” PHP developers and the community to be aware of safety issues and respond to them as soon as possible.

4: Hundreds of existing php code examples

In addition to forums that offer advice and experience of free we will also find hundreds of examples to get you started and keep going as PHP. From simple code to connect to a database, more complex examples that allow you to get data from an external website or a full-blown example of Ajax and PHP integration is all there for study and build.

5: The scores of the existing code frameworks

The frames are a relatively recent development and can save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches. Just as frames are manufactured homes. A team of developers have combined their efforts to solve the problem of scheduling repetitive tasks. Frames allow you to start working with web applications both simple and complicated matter of hours. There are dozens of php frameworks for a wide variety of tasks. Again, a simple Google search will provide a variety of frames to choose from and explore.

6: Interoperability with Web 2.0 applications

Modern Web 2.0 applications is mainly characterized by mashups and desktop style user interfaces. php is an excellent choice to interact with other web sites and provide a rich user experience. Simple commands like curl or fopen PHP allow you to get data from other web sites with relative ease. PHP works well with javascript so that it can provide end users with interfaces that are modern and responsible beyond the old static interfaces recent days.

7: Many content management systems are using PHP

If you decide you want to be a web designer or programmer PHP is an excellent choice. Many of the modern content management systems (CMS) use php. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla – these popular CMS packages all use php. Each CMS usually has a vibrant community of PHP developers. And if you become expert in one or more PHP based CMS then a very good chance of finding work in progress CMS package customization for clients or web providers.

8: PHP is scalable to large web applications

Some of the most popular web sites and popular in the world are using php. PHP appropriate scale to meet the highest requirements for websites like Joomla.org and WordPress.com. These websites provide 24×7 availability for thousands of users ofconcurrent without missing a beat. If you have the following application on Facebook or Myspace account then PHP is a development language definitely worth considering.

9: Most web hosting companies that support php

Most hosting providers support PHP websites. This is a standard component of most hosting accounts based on Linux. Remember we are talking about LAMP and WAMP before? Well, the “P” stands for php. If you want your applications to run on Linux-based (and some Windows-based) platforms php web hosting then it is an obvious choice.

10: Coding PHP is fun!

Hopefully by now you must have been convinced that PHP is a web development language that at least worth considering. And while you should seriously consider developing with php I would go with this last thought: Coding PHP is fun. I spent many hours writing simple applications php, php-based CMS package customization and cleaning usually bordering php. And generally (not counting the strange out of my hair from time to time) every hour with php has been more than worth the effort and very rewarding.

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