2D Animation vs 3D Animation


The animation is about imagination, creativity, and art. This article compares 2D & 3D animation. To become a skilled animator you should join a take a Degree in animation.

Introduction to 2D and 3D animation

2D animation involves the creation and animation of images on a two-dimensional platform. The animation generated is flat and has only a single angle visible. For e.g. an animated rectangle is an example of 2D animation.

2D animation can be done in two ways. The first or the traditional way is by drawing an object position (frame) on a piece of paper. These frames are then moved fast in a sequence to create a perception of one motion. This process needs very good drawing skills and tremendous efforts. It is known as traditional 2D animation.
The other way of doing 2D animation is on a computer. This method is mostly used these days and is known as 2D computer animation. In this method, 2D figures are drawn on the computer and the animation is rendered on the computer itself through the fast movement of images in a succession.

3D animation, on the other hand, is always done on a computer using computer software applications like 3DS Max, Maya etc. For 3D animation character models are built on a mesh-like structure on the computer. These models are then rigged or a virtual skeleton is applied to them for movements. A 3D animation Degree covers everything.
The rigged models are then passed on to the animators who move the eyes, clothes, limbs etc. of the model to bring the character to life. 3D animation appears more real-like. The blockbuster “Avatar” used 3D animation whereas the old Disney movies used traditional 2D animation. A Degree in animation covers all these concepts in details.


Which form of animation is better?

Both the animation forms have their pros and cons. traditional 2D animation which is seldom used these days effectively captures the feelings and characterization. The process can rather be difficult and time taking. You may choose 2D or 3D animation for a Degree in animation.

3D animation, on the other hand, can help build characters which have more depth and appear real. 3D animation is more powerful in terms of production and entertainment. The 3D environments can be re-lit, re-used as and when needed, shot from a different angle and utilized in a flexible way like a live shot. One can easily clone characters and tweak them as per different scenes.

In traditional 2D animation for every tweak, you need to create a new drawing. Thus traditional 2D animation majorly differs from 3D animation in terms of time, labor and cost. 3D animation can be rendered faster, with more quality, with lesser efforts, and at a lower price.

3D animation is picking up the pace and has a good market. Many animation studios use a hybrid of traditional 2D animation & 3D animation to take advantage of both the forms. Most of the institutes train students on all the fine aspects of 2D animation before 3D animation. If you the field of animation appeals to take a Degree in animation soon. Are you ready?

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