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Animated Acquisitions
- By Ramanjit Kaur, Franchise India

March 04, 2010 - Total Graphics Classes (TGC), has created waves by producing self-driven top class professionals in animation and digital art media. In an interview, Ravi Ranjan, Director, TGC Animation and Multimedia shares the success story of his company.

Abha Garyali (AG): Brief us about the inception of TGC Animation and Multimedia.
Ravi Ranjan (RR): TGC started with the vision to fulfill the void of the ever demanding need of trained professionals in the graphics and entertainment industry. With the Y2K event that rocked the computer world in 2000, TGC firmly took its base in Delhi and since then we have been expanding across the country and beyond.

AG: What is the USP of TGC Animation and Multimedia? How is it different from other animation institutes?
RR: TGC differs in terms of quality, cost and delivery. Here, we give the prospective candidates a platform to execute their creative visualisation backed by the subject matter expertise of faculty and facilities. We stimulate their ideas and portray them on a commercial canvas. Our teaching methodology is backed on the complete art of visual communication which prepares them to handle any situation and project of any magnitude. One more thing that makes TGC different from other is imparting knowledge on production workflow. Our definite placement liaison cell, Authorised LC of Punjab Technical University to provide degree courses in multimedia technology and a nationwide tie-up with Central Bank of India for providing education loan are some of the more distinctive features about TGC.

AG: What are your views about the future of animation industry in India?
RR: The future of the animation industry is quite bright, as it has surpassed the boundaries for education and entertainment industry and has adopted a global outlook. The total global animation production figures, according to the NASSCOM Animation Report for 2011 range between US$ 65 billion and US$ 98 billion. The demand for animation production services in the non-entertainment segment is expected to touch US$ 69 billion by 2010. The forces that are shaping the development of the animation industry in India include technical manpower to meet the 2-D and 3-D animation requirements, low costs animation production and demand of the domestic Indian television.

AG: When did you start franchising? From where did you get the inspiration to opt for franchising as a mode of expansion?
RR: We kick started the franchising business mode in 2008.The need was felt as the market was ripe and the educational quality across the country was getting bigger and better. The idea was to extend the benefits of being a TGCizen to our channel partners so that they reap the benefits of operations of a leading brand in animation and multimedia education in their respective region across the country.

AG: What qualities do you look for in your prospective franchisees?
RR: Some qualities can be inculcated, but some qualities are expected in order to successfully operate, prosper and accelerate the growth of a TGC franchise. We expect them to be

  • Technology savvy
  • Previous experience, preferably from the educational vertical
  • Open to learn and inculcate the changes accordingly

AG: How many franchisees do you have at present and in which cities of India?
RR: Currently, we are successfully operating 10 franchise centres across India. We have four centres covering the vital areas of Delhi viz. north, south, east and west Delhi. Other centres are in various cities like Noida, Dehradun, Gwalior, Trichy, Bangalore and Pondicherry.

AG: In what ways do you support and train your franchisees?
RR: We believe in imparting training to the franchisee. We have a 360 degree holistic view of the needs of the franchise. In fact, we have the best incubation centre in the industry for a fresh franchisee to be trained and operating successfully in its region. Right from the inception of the centre to the final opening, we are involved in all the stages of the franchisees and help them in making tough decisions.

  • Identification of an ideal centralised location
  • Infrastructure generation
  • Hardware and software outsourcing
  • Hiring of the staff and faculties
  • Marketing plan and strategy for the centre
  • Grand opening and channels of promotion.
  • Artwork support along different verticals
  • Training of the manpower from the franchisee to the peon across all the departments.
  • Periodic training as per the audit and demands of the centre.

AG: What kind of investment is required by an aspiring franchisee?
RR: It all depends on the region one belongs to; we cannot afford the luxury of whipping the same investment for every prospective franchisee across the Indian sub-continent. A minimum of 10 to 12 lakh will set a smooth sail for a new franchisee.

AG: What are your future plans in terms of expansion through franchising?
RR: We have aggressive expansion plans to dot every major city across the uncharted territories. Our plans are aligned with the addition of ten new profit centres by end of 2010.

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