Become a Qualified Sound Engineer in Just 1 Year by joining TGC’s Sound Engineering Diploma course.


A sound engineer can enjoy bright future in India, thanks to the advancement of technology as well as the advent of world-class sound studies in the country. Qualified sound engineers and audio technicians are enjoying constant demand in Media & Entertainment industry, including TV, film and media. Apart from the interest you must join a professional Sound Engineering course in Delhi and India.

Sound Engineering combines the best of music and technology. Sound Engineers enjoy huge demand everywhere. But general public often overlook them. But they play a vital role in overall experience.


Sound Engineering as Career

The love affair of Indians with music is nothing new. Indian audience was traditionally devoted to Bollywood and classical music. Now they are heading to new forms like jazz, western classical, or some interesting fusion.

Live music is also growing every year. Traditionally, the scope of sound engineering was just based on Bollywood, TV and radio. But there is huge influence of DJs and popularity of concerts which cater to different tastes. So, sound engineering has become viable as a career.

Benefits of Sound Engineering Courses

Sound engineering is not a regular job where interviewer would ask for qualifications and your previous experience. But you still need to go with sound engineering courses in Delhi because staying ahead with latest technology is the part of the job and you should always keep up with career advances.

In addition, a well-rounded sound engineering course will give you a lot of practical knowledge and experience. You can learn from your industry professionals and teachers to gain experience from the field where no online tutorial or textbook will work.

You can learn using DAWs and improvising only in real world situations when you are actually mixing sound with equipments. A sound engineering school will just teach you to play with various high end software and equipments from the beginning.

A professional sound engineering training will also cover the business aspect. It will come handy when you want to start your own studio after training.

Career Options

Sound industry is growing far and beyond and a lot of Indian artists are planning to level up their music. Media and films are witnessing great improvements. There is a huge demand for sound engineers. Here’s what they can do with sound engineering degree –

  • Sound Recordist
  • Jr. Sound Engineer
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Music Arranger

Why Join TGC India?

TGC India is one of the best Sound Engineering Colleges in Delhi. If you are a music lover, you can go with our sound engineering program. Our sound recording and engineering program is designed with 100% practical approach. It involves practice on Synchronization, Recording, Mixing, Reproducing Voice, Sound Effects, and Music.

Our program is based on dealing with audio for different applications, including A/V and film production, music production, live sound, multimedia, and advertising. With this course, you can prepare for a career in Music Production, Sound Engineering, and as Musician. We have young and dynamic faculties and Music producers with years of experience.

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