Check your creativity in 5 simple steps before you opt for an Animation Course


When it comes to animation, an innovative idea is often hard to come up with. Animators often face annoying and complex creative boundaries to get past through. You need to consider these barriers as your helpers to be innovative. Before joining any animation courses in India you should be ready to push your limits and expect to leap over such barriers which often seem impossible. In this post, you can consider the ways to make your performances ooze again by being as engaging and gripping as possible.

Come up with a revolutionary idea

When any chance of getting a great idea feels insurmountable, how would you plan animation? It is when you need to dust off your old comics to keep your mind off a challenging task and refresh your creative thinking.

You should outshine your personality in your work with your animation and stand out of the crowd. Let your personality drive the direction of your art. You need to take action and step out of your comfort one. Rather than waiting for inspiration and motivation, you have to find the ideas that strike your mind. Be flexible and don’t consider any idea as bad one. Form another idea from one idea and experiment to merge concepts until you get the ultimate point.

Plan out your idea

You might be getting goosebumps and can’t wait to join Colleges for Animation in Delhi. There is no need to hurry. After creating a story, it’s still in the initial stage. Take your time to refine the idea until it is absolutely clear.  It may not feel too thrilling, especially when you are struck with excitement to animate to the content you love.

Get enough of reference material

Reference is more than just useful to deal with challenges like spacing and time or getting natural poses for great performance, you can get subtle nuances which can be done to improve the personality of your character. For example, you can add a bit of tilt to the head of your character which is possible only when he/she listens to someone or it’s a rub which can be seen when it is annoyed. These gestures can highlight your work as they are relatable and natural.

Thumbnail your ideas

Thumbnailing and reference material goes well together as your thumbnails are yet another reference for the animation. Consider thumbnailing as a kind of taking notes. If your character should hit a gesture which might be tough to grab the reference, you can sketch a series of thumbnails to pick the pose which is better.

Get. Set. GO!

So you have a great plan and thumbnail and reference which are selected for the performance of your character, you should start animating. Before you animate your character, have a look at some points to keep in mind to make it little easier to add life to your idea.

First of all, be sure to use the shot camera which is approved. Check all the angles of pose in 3D. The view of the shot camera is very vital as audience can view your story with this camera. Be sure animation is polished well from the shot cameras. Check your frame rate after verifying the camera.

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