Advanced Diploma Course in Professional Photography

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    Advanced Diploma Course in Professional Photography

    The course of photography Pro in Delhi is an exclusive and
    powerfully packed programme for those who intends to
    pursue a career in professional Photography, Picture editing
    and in Camera handling. Course is full of specialisation on
    various genres of photography and conducted at our studio
    facility in Delhi and Jaipur.


    Advanced Diploma Course in Professional Photography will help you get
    acquainted to the core principles and basic rudiments of
    Photography, and how they can be applied into your career.
    You will also be opportune to learn how to use various
    software to create quality and enhanced photographs for
    various mediums.


    • Basics of Photography, Cameras and Camera settings
    • Natural light photography & Studio Light Photography
    • HDR Framing & Shooting, Art & Conceptual
    • Fashion, Product & Food Photography
    • Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop & LightRoom.
    • Videography – DSLR


    MODULE 1
    Basics of Photography, Cameras and Camera settings

    • Light study, Shuttle Speed, Lenses
    • DPC, ISO, Aperture, Shutter, Light Metering
    • RAW & JPEG, White balance
    • Zooming & Panning
    • Color Theory, Filters, Sensors – CMOS
    • Picture style, Shooting modes, External Flash
    • Composition, Rule of thirds
    • Types of Camera, Internal Flash, External Flashes

    MODULE 2
    Studio Light Photography

    • Golden hours, effect of colour temperature on an image and shooting at dawn and dusk followed by
      a practical session of exploring the magic of natural light with our experts.
    • Working of studio lights and equipment
    • Background equipment (paper & cloth)
    • Single light shoots, 2 point, 3, 4 point lighting
    • Creative portrait lighting, Digital and manual lights
    • High key and low key shoots

    MODULE 3
    Natural Light Photography

    • Out door studio lighting, Shooting using light tent
    • Understanding diffuse and reflectors.

    MODULE 4
    HDR Framing & Shooting

    • HDR, Time-lapse, Hyper lapse
    • Panorama, Candid Photography
    • Light Painting
    • Stop Motion Photography
    • Creative Shutter
    • Understanding Exposure meter
    • Key lighting methods

    MODULE 5
    Art & Conceptual

    • Reflecting objects Light balancing (Glass or Steel Product Photography) & Me
    • Narrative based on movie
    • Visually communicating and idea through image
    • Loss, nostalgia & celebration

    MODULE 6
    Fashion Photography

    • Creative studio Lighting and glamour Lighting
    • Studying Various fashion stylist by Working with Designers
    • Understanding makeup With Professional Makeup Artists
    • Visual Aesthetics for photography

    MODULE 7
    Product Photography

    • Product Photography for E-commerce
    • Product Photography or Catalog etc

    MODULE 8
    Food Photography

    • Using appropriate lights for food photography
    • Food styling
    • Visual Aesthetics for photography.
    • Tricks and tips

    MODULE 9
    Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop & LightRoom

    • File compatibility
    • Color corrections and image adjustments
    • Color space
    • Photo manipulation and photo effects
    • Tricks and tips

    MODULE 10
    Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop & LightRoom

    • Fusing stabilizers and sliders
    • Effective use of tripod in camera movements
    • Types of camera movements
    • Time lapse
    • Hyper lapse
    • Stop motion
    • Video editing software Adobe Premier & After Effects


    • use photography for any specific genres with proper usage of studio and natural lighting
    • will develop a sense to set up photoshoot for any purpose
    • will be able to retouch advanced level corrections
    • will be able to produce high end portfolio in print and motion

    SOFTWARE/  USED in photography Diploma

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Lightoom
    • Adobe Premier Pro
    • Adobe After Effects


    Students who complete this course have the following career options

    • Photographer
    • Fashion photographer
    • Product and Ecommece Photographer
    • Food Photographer
    • Event Photographer
    • Wedding and Pre Wedding Photographer
    • Architecture and Landscape Photographer
    • Journalism and News Photographer
    • Wildlife Photographer
    • Street and People Photographer etc.


    TGC India is a leading Graphics and Animation Institute in Delhi with branches across the country. The adverting and product Photography course is  a purely practical course with tea m projects, seminars, workshops and show reel development. Individual mentorship  during and after the course is also available. TGC India has highly efficient, intelligent and vast staff . TGC India has been organizing Multimedia Training for both degree and short term programs for upwards of 10 years and have a large number of alumni presently working in the Multimedia Industry all across Asia and Africa.

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