Adv. Certification in Video Mixing



    Mixing of videos involve tutorials of interactive video making in which concepts and principles of digitized mixing of videos and mastering of audio clips modifications are demonstrated. Distinct examples are taken from applications of distinct software’s like Sonar, Pro Tools, Voxengo, and waves etc, which are used to draw different types of videos as per the requirements. Adobe Flash Player software is majorly used to ensure the formatting and designing of videos.


    The very objective of video mixing is to mix different types of videos from various video sources partially to give special effects and entertainment to the audiences.

    Course outline:

    This course teaches you various aspects like-

    • Monitoring the setup of the studio and discussing the K-Metering
    • Discussions on processing levels, which are to be broadcasted
    • Demonstration of Voxengo trans gainer and drum former
    • Demonstration on, how to master the skills of Parallel Compressions and Upward Expansions
    • Learning about the statistics of encoding for AAC
    • Demonstration on soft clipper of IK Multimedia and T-Racks
    • Study about the applications of codes of ISRC
    • Finding out alternatives, to measure RMS, and proportions in proper weightings
    • Demonstration of different spectrogram applications


    Compositing, maintaining patterns, luminance, chrominance, digital graphics on the screen etc are used for the proper understanding and development of the concepts.

    Outcome of the Course:

    After completing the course, students will be groomed well on mastering the detailed concepts and tactics of mixing of videos. They will know the applications of mixers and compositors to make creative videos within bounded time limits. Students will also learn the use of additional features like serial and parallel communications with the ability of using protocols of proprietor communication. They will know the perfect arrangements and setups for practical circuitries, temperature, considerations of length of the cables, noise perfections and imperfections etc. They can carry out separations skills of some of the parts accessories of the circuits, and also perform proper synchronizations with the help of synchronizer. Various technologies are used in the mixing of videos. It involves blending of colors using color bar, adjusting of pictures like zooming in and zooming out, online library, superimposition of keys and speakers etc.

    Career Scope:

    There are several career options open for the students attaining this course. Students can work in media industries, advertisings, and film productions etc after mastering the skills of video mixings. It has a wide scope with the boon in media industry. With audiences expecting more and more from entertainment sectors, students will explore huge options for framing their career.

    Why TGC?:

    TGC offers certification from the affiliated university. It has well planned syllabus structure and trained teachers to impart knowledge to the students. Properly maintained classrooms, amenities, labs and libraries are the main features of TGC.

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    Upcoming Batches:

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    7th Aug
    8 weeks 4 weeks Mon-Fri
    21st Jul
    16 sessions NA Sat & Sun
    20th Aug
    8 weeks 4 weeks Mon-Fri
    4th Aug
    16 sessions NA Sat & Sun

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    Course Key Features

    • Course Duration

      Normal Track: 2 Months ( 2 Hours/ 3 Days)

      Fast Track: 1 Month ( 2 Hours/ 5 Days)

      Weekend Batches: Available (Sat. & Sun/ Only Sundays)

    • Assignment
      Brilliantly designed assignments covering Primary, Intermediate and Advanced level evaluations in video mixing
    • Project
      Live Projects (Individual and Group) with hands on experience on real time problem solving techniques
    • Post Training Assistance
      Continual assistance in knowledge and application updates to broaden subject horizon
    • Study Material
      Meticulously designed Course material including Course booklet, Training Videos, Tips and Tricks & Resource files etc.
    • Portfolio
      An expert level Video Mixing showreel endorsed by leading editors
    • Certification
      TGC Autonomous Certificate in Video Mixing

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    Aravind Kumar
    Aravind Kumar
    06:27 04 Jun 18
    It was the most challenging but the best experience I had. All the teachers (especially Ravi Sir ) were supportive and helpful all the time. With one word they are amazing. TGC India was definitely the correct place for my career boost.Thanks to everyone, I enjoyed every single moment. Thanks for this great opportunity and the unforgettable time.
    Aditya Chauhan
    Aditya Chauhan
    06:22 14 Jun 18
    TGC Animation and Multimedia My experience with this institute and their staff was amazing. I loved the ambiance here and the way teachers deal with students was quite satisfactory. I personally liked Ashwani sir's way of teaching, he is an amazing competent teacher, frank in nature and diligent too. I would recommend this institute to anyone looking for web design course.
    sarika singh
    sarika singh
    09:40 13 Jun 18
    Very helpful, friendly and supporting atmosphere there. We had Very motivating trainer. Good teaching skills, we were provided notes and made to give test very regular. We Learned everything with joy. I want to recommend TGC Animation to all of you if you wish to learn python programming language in Delhi.
    Prashant Kumar Aaley
    Prashant Kumar Aaley
    07:43 07 Jun 18
    I have a wonderful experience in TGC has great environment and support faculty. I had done graphic design From TGC Animation. Faculties was also very supportive.
    Abhishek Inderyas
    Abhishek Inderyas
    09:04 19 Apr 18
    I have done graphic Designing course from TGC Multimedia and Animation. My experience has been very descent and great with the faculty as well as the teacher coordinator - Mr Zakir sir. He has guided me all along this way towards the new beginning the field of designing. I would suggest all who are interested to pursue their dreams seriously, must attend TGC for best guidance and teaching.
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