Disk Jockeys vs. Script Writers, who does it best?


Music production is always perceived as a very easy and effortless task by many who readily do not know what the industry is all about, most especially people who really love and has developed a passion for music. Going fully deeper into music or trying to learn the basic prerequisites will certainly help you. In fact, embarking in a very in-depth research and seeking knowledge about music production or sound engineering could be the best choice or line of action that you certainly have to take. Before finally arriving at whatever destination you need to find yourself in the nearest future. You can possibly start out by getting enrolled in a Sound Engineering Course in Delhi or within any close by suburb. But if you are not residing here in India, then you possibly can search for a very reputable and well-acknowledged institute where you will get some knowledge.

In music, several people are mostly involved, several key role players and functions. Ranging from the Producers to the Scriptwriters and Directors, and also coupled with the help of the Disk Jockeys and marketers who are the final production team that facilitates the distribution and dissemination of ads.

Differentiating and comparing between the Disk Jockey and the Script Writer will be a somewhat very difficult and challenging task. The reason could be because of the differences in Job roles, functions and responsibilities.

For example, the main and core roles of the scriptwriter in music production include:

  • Idea generation
  • Key research and planning
  • Character development and management
  • Foreword and writing

The role of the scriptwriter also includes “creativity”; every reputable scriptwriter is often known and regarded as a very creative personality. Music production is all about creativity, exploring and generating ideas that could be put into art and play. Controlling your six senses and initiating suggestive and realistic ideologies that would have a massive impact when polished and produced.

On the other hand, the average Disk Jockey is a person who blows the sound helter-skelter. The DJ’s as they are popularly known and called are more like the final production and marketing team. They are responsible for blasting the music and sound produced to the audience, thus making the sound and music to go viral and get known by people. Disk Jock is also taught in sound engineering colleges and inclusive in the Sound Engineering Course in Delhi.

The Scriptwriters role and the Disk Jockeys are very much required and cannot be compromised in the production process of a sound or complete music production. Do you hope to become a professional Music cum Sound engineer? If so, then you should consider sitting for a Sound Engineering Course in Delhi, but if you are very far and distant away from Delhi and perhaps cannot afford to fly to Delhi. Then you can possibly research for a very reputable and dynamic Sound Engineering Institute within to locality to get enrolled in.

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