Encash Success by becoming a TGC Animation and Multimedia Franchise


The animation industry has been growing rapidly in India. Web Design, Animation, and Gaming pros find huge job opportunities to work on TV commercials, full-length animation films, media groups, and various industries.


VFX and animation go hand in hand with various industries like medical, TV, films, ads, education and training, insurance and legal, e-learning, architecture, 3D visualization and so on. This industry also includes the design and creation of games for mobile, PC and consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and others. The gaming industry is expected to see 14.3% annual growth and reach INR 45.8 billion by the end of 2019.


There is a huge demand for skilled and well-qualified candidates in this fastest-growing industry in both Indian film studios and international projects. Here are some of the segments of the animation industry you should know –


3D Animation

It includes creating motion pictures in a 3D environment. The animators sequence the consistent frames or images in a gradual manner through a virtual camera and use a rendering program to output them to video.


2D animation

Professionals use traditional or computerized animation program to create motion pictures in 2D environments.


Web Designing

It includes creating rich media content, designing websites for the web, online games, and viral ads.



Professionals blend live action with CGI effects and objects to create life-like digital film and video sequence.



As the name suggests, it simply refers to designing games for touchpads, PC, mobiles, and consoles.



It refers to audio-visual content and design with different formats and media like pictures, text, sound, music, animations, films etc.



It refers to using electronic media for teaching and learning, including online media, computer program, video/audio devices, etc. E-learning module creators use audio, video, graphics and rich media to teach a specific topic.


Franchise Benefits

Education is usually the only business which grows rapidly and it has nothing to do with the economy. Since 2000, TGC Animation and Multimedia is the best education franchise in India and top institutions in Digital Media. If you are planning to launch an animation institute franchise in India, TGC India is the most profitable and successful network to join.


TGC is the leading educational institution based in Delhi to provide high-end Diploma and Degree programme in 2D/3D animation, graphic design, Advanced Web Design, Audio/Video Post Production, and more. TGC has a vast network of more than 10 education centers based in Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Pondicherry, and others.


Why invest in Animation Franchise?

  • You will get a proven business model
  • Least risk in your business
  • You can keep your business growing with the continued growth of the education industry in India.
  • Goodwill of TGC India, a leading education brand trusted by thousands of students


Who can start an education franchise?

  • Anyone with sound managerial skills
  • Interest in the education sector
  • An entrepreneur who wants startup in the education sector
  • Anyone with great managerial skills
  • Anyone with proven knowledge and experience in training and education


So what are you waiting for? Start your own multimedia training franchise in your city with TGC Animation and Multimedia.

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