How to Become a MEAN Stack Programmer?

MEAN is a full-stack, easy to use JavaScript framework suitable for developing dynamic applications and websites.  It is an open stack designed with an organized and efficient manner to supply developers with rapid prototypes of web applications. In MEAN stack, one of the major benefits is that JavaScript runs on every level of the application so it can be a modern and efficient approach for web development.

Why Should You Learn MEAN?

Without JavaScript, you can’t easily get the most of the web. This language runs the whole MEAN structure and it has one of the developer communities which are most active. As every part of MEAN programming is developed in one language, it has room for unique client-side and server-side environments for execution. It is valued for easy to maintain, fast, and robust production of web applications. There is a high demand for MEAN programming among several employers and startups.

Who should learn to MEAN?

MEAN Stack JavaScript Developer courses in Delhi are designed for everyone who is aspiring to start developing full-stack JavaScript applications in MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. It covers the fundamentals of each technology so experienced users can easily go through these sections. You should have some knowledge of JavaScript.

MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js are collaboratively known as MEAN. These are the most widely-used open source stacks of JavaScript. TGC is the best Angular JS training institute in India where you will learn to build fast applications in a runtime environment of JavaScript in angular js courses. You may learn to build data-driven applications and how to secure, test and deploy code.

The Path to become a MEAN Stack Developer

Do you want to become a MEAN Stack Programmer just because you heard of it? Or you just want to become a better web developer? You need to ask yourself these questions. Many times, people suggest jumping on to Node.js or MongoDB directly. Well, has anyone told you exactly how JavaScript works or what NoSQL is?

If you want to manufacture automobiles, will you jump on the parts directly or learn how to assemble, design, manufacture and go to another level one by one? The same way applies to web development. You first have to build your base. You should learn the technologies related to it to have the right knowledge of programming and concepts.

MEAN Stack is more than just a collaboration of four different technologies. When you start with development, a lot of things will come into play. MEAN stack has both backend and front-end technologies. It is not all about Mongo.DB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

First of all, you should learn the basics of JSON and JavaScript to get ready for another level. Then go ahead with bootstrap, jQuery, responsive website designing and Angular.js.

On the backend level, start with Node.js and Express.js if you have understood the concepts and several programming tools and languages. Then, you can move ahead with cloud, databases, and add-ons like Socket and Redis to advance at its best.  The key here is to learn step by step.


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