Explaining an Explainer Video and How to make one by your own?


Explainer videos can boost conversion rates, are easy to make, and great for any startup business. There are different 2D animation courses in Delhi that can cover how to create explainer videos for various industries. In this guide, we are going to cover almost everything you should know about explainer videos.


What is Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are online and short marketing videos that are made to promote the service or product of the company. Usually placed on the landing page, product page, or a home page, explainer videos have become very popular. Some sites have raised over 144% of conversion rates with an explainer video. So, it’s no denying the fact that these videos are invaluable assets of your business. If you want to pursue your animation diploma courses in Delhi , make sure it covers making explainer videos as it has huge scope in future.


Making Explainer Video

Here are the detailed steps on making explainer video on your own. Remember that this task needs a lot of effort and focus but it’s really worth it.


Writing Script

It is the most important component of a creative explainer video. An explainer video is nothing without a script, even though it has coolest graphics and bold Morgan Freeman-like voice over. Here’s the pattern of your explainer video script –

  • A brief overview of your services or product
  • Introduce the problem
  • Explain how your product or service might fix this
  • Call to action (for ex, click here to sign up for the free demo)
  • Broadcast your awards, write-ups and esteemed clients


How to create the best video script –

  • Don’t exceed its length up to 90 seconds or more
  • Give your value proposition and key message within the first 30 seconds.
  • Use the words like “You”, “Your” etc. to speak in the second paragraph.
  • Explain in simple language.
  • Opt for casual, conversational tone.
  • Add a touch of humor to make it more enjoyable.


Record Voiceovers

After creating a script, you have to record a voiceover with –

Voices.com – A vast community of pro voice artists.

Craigslist – It has a crazy list of voiceovers to choose from.

Fiverr – At just $5, you can buy a decent voiceover for your video. Some charge by second, while some by word.



There are different ways to create and produce your explainer video. Some professional video producers can make a killer video. Be ready to pay around $5000 to $20000. If you don’t have much budget, you may hire a freelancer.  


Adding SFX and Music

Your animated video might need some amazing sound effects and harmonious music. Be sure to read the fine print well on what is allowed under licensing agreement of sound file or not. You may find some royalty-free and affordable one-time purchase.


Check your Explainer Video

You should measure the video engagement and tweak it out of the video. You can get some data from YouTube Insight or you may go even deeper with Google Analytics.


Final Thoughts

There are different benefits of explainer videos. It can even improve your SEO rankings. Video content accounts for 70% of success rate to reach the top 100 search listings.

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