How to Make Successful Career in Social Media Marketing?

Do you know?

Social Media Marketing is trusted by over 92% of marketers as it could make or break their business, out of which it has led to increase in traffic of 80% of their websites, according to a survey by HubSpot.

Even the most dedicated social media marketers would tell you in written that their job seems to be easy. It is believed that social media marketers play on social media whole day and individuals scroll through newsfeed to find amusing updates and interesting info from friends.

From the moment you pursue it as your career, social media marketing course in delhi  at TGC is very demanding field. Since it is still growing, there is huge demand for marketers. But there is also no lack of professionals looking for jobs. Here are the things you need to consider to make a career in this emerging field. But first, let’s discuss common myths in social media marketing.

BUSTED!! – Common Myths about Social Media Marketing

  • Social media marketing is no rocket-science – It seems an icing on a cake. But it needs a lot of creativity, attention, and patience to succeed.
  • There is no start point – Social media marketing is not something you can advance through. But you should have, at least, some basic knowhow of marketing principles.
  • Being young is not the key to success – It is a myth that only young people have inherent advantage to rule the social media. But it is not true. Older people can also make great marketers.
  • Social Media Marketing is not an experiment – It is not a fad. But it is not something for you to invest in so quickly. It needs a lot of focus and determination to succeed.
  • It is objective, not subjective – Successful campaigns are built on information and data and driven by objective results, not guesswork or instincts.

Tips to be Successful

Build your own presence

For employers hiring social media marketers, there is nothing better than having a huge following.

Though you cannot build 10000 followers on your social media, you can try. Connect with everyone you come across and flesh out your profiles.

Post fresh content every day, i.e. up to several times a day, and ask questions and build conversations to engage your followers.

Get in touch with people relate to your job

Be sure to get in touch with people who are already working in the same industry. Find a marketer who has experience in their career.

Prepare for long-standing career

Social media marketing is not temporary or fun gig if you want to succeed with employers. Consider it as a long-standing career and be open and develop yourself along the way.

Have a Plan B

If you are trying hard finding career in social media, you should have a backup plan. It means you may pursue a different niche, i.e. by building your own business.

Get some experience

Get some experience before you apply for the job aggressively.  It can improve your odds in any advertising or marketing field. Take a part-time job or marketing internship. You may even work under a dedicated social media manager.


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