Vue-JS- Features


Vue-JSVueJS is a progressive, open-source JavaScript Framework to develop innovative web interfaces. It is one of the well-known frameworks to make web developer smoother. It can be integrated smoothly in big projects without any problems for front-end development.

It is very easy to install VueJS. Any developer can build and understand innovative web interfaces within no time. VueJS is developed by a Google’s ex-employee, Evan You. The first version was released in February 2014. Recently, it has reached 64,828 stars on GitHub which is so popular.

Key Features of Vue-JS

Virtual DOM

VueJS uses virtual DOM, which is something that other frameworks also use, such as Ember, React, etc. Instead of making changes to the DOM, a replica of DOM is created in the form of JavaScript structures. Whenever any changes are required to be made, they are made to data structures and the latter is compared to original structure.

The final changes are updated to real DOM, which will be changed. In terms of optimization, it is supposed to be good. It is less costly and changes can be made at rapid rate.

Data Binding

With this feature, you can assign or manipulate valued to HTML attributes, assign classes with binding directive known as v-bind and change the style with VueJS.

 Event Handling

The DOM elements of this framework have the attribute named ‘v-on’ to listen to the events of VueJS.


VueJS has different options to make the transition to HTML elements when they are removed or added/updated from DOM. The best part of VueJS is that it has an in-built transition component which should be wrapped on the element to add transition element. You can add third-party libraries of animation and also make the interface more interactive.


These are some of the most interactive features of this framework as it helps create customized elements, which you can reuse in HTML.

Calculated Properties

It is one of the major features of VueJS. It helps to listen to changes made to the elements of the user interface and performs all the vital calculations. You don’t need to do additional coding for the same.


VueJS offers HTML-based templates which bind DOM with Vue data. It complies with templates in virtual DOM functions of rendering. We can use the template of render features and we need to replace the template with a random function to do so.


VueJS comes with integrated directives like v-else, v-if, v-else, v-on, v-show, v-model, and v-bind, which are used to conduct several actions on frontend development.


There is vue-router which helps perform navigation between pages.


VueJS script is very effective and lightweight and it also delivers rapid performance.


They are usually applied to the data which changes. For instance, form input elements. There is no need to add any extra elements. Watchers are used to taking care of handling any changes in the data, so the code can be made fast and simple.


Vue-CLI command line interface has been used by VueJS which can be added to the command line. It helps compile and build the project with ease through Vue-CLI.

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