Internet Marketing Short Term Course at TGC


Learn from Industry Leaders

PPC Training
Learn how to create text and display ads using google AdWords and bings ads and how to get reports on your ads and optimize your ads for impressions and conversions. With this PPC training, you would be able to set up pay per click ads for yourself and your clients as well as carry out conversion rate optimization and remarketing. Enroll now and become a professional pay per click Manager.

Social Media Marketing
Begin using Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to promote your business and make more money in a few weeks with this social media marketing course. This course is a 100% practical course which is guaranteed to get you a good social media marketer job.

Mobile and Email Marketing
Dive into the world of mobile and email marketing and begin using this knowledge for the promotion of your business and that of your clients. Take Advantage of the immense opportunities in the world of mobile marketing and email marketing .Enroll now and become a professional mobile and email marketer in a matter of weeks.

Affiliate marketing course
Understand how money is made through affiliate marketing for ecommerce sites. Learn how publishers, merchants, networks and customers interact in the affiliate marketing scene. With this affiliate marketing course, you would learn how to generate income by being a publisher, a merchant or setting up a network. Enroll now and become a professional affiliate Manager

Search engine optimization course
It’s impossible to successfully launch an online business without a sound knowledge of Search engine optimization. Learn Search engine optimization and understand the new trends, tricks and tips with which you can optimize your site for search engine and improve your site visibility while driving valuable traffic to your site. Enroll now and become SEO certified within two months.

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