Interview with an Animation Student of tgcindia


DEGEE IN ANIMATION (DIA): Hello , can you introduce yourself to us?
STUDENT: My Name is  Nayab Hasan.  I am a Student of TGC ANIMATION AND MULTIMEDIA, here in South Extension , New Delhi. I am studying Animation and Multimedia. I am presently taking a three year degree course in TGC , affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University.

DIA: Thanks, but why did you choose animation?
STUDENT: Right from when I could remember , I have always loved Tom and Jerry. I could watch Tom and Jerry for the whole day and not even have anything to eat. Later as I grew older, I began to build the interest in animation by reading comics, watching animated films and finding out more about the process of animation.
Initially my parents wanted me to study Law, since my dad is a Lawyer, but I refused and persuaded my mum to persuade my dad to let me become an animator.

DIA: So how are you finding the animation course?
STUDENT: Well, I’m presently in my second year, and I must say this is the best decision of my life. I was originally surprised to know the amount of work and hours that goes into what we see on television. I never would have thought that a 1 minute clip can take upwards of  a month to make with more than one person on board. It was really surprising for me , but now I am well adapted and I am  having fun all the way.

DIA: So why did you choose to study at TGC ?
STUDENT: Honestly, TGC was not my first choice. I went to a couple of schools, checked their fees and their work and asked the students of the schools, a lot  students of the highly reputable animation schools did not have pleasant things to say about the schools. They talked about issues like overcrowding, low motivation and poor student- teacher relationship and mentorship. I later settled for TGC and I am now in my second year.

DIA: What has being your greatest challenge in studying animation?
STUDENT: The greatest challenge for me has been having enough time to do the assignments and projects , attend the seminars and still have time to relax. For some students however, sketching for modeling was a major challenge. Learning how to make model sheets for characters and props by sketching has been challenging for some students who don’t like sketching. But the truth is , there are so many aspects of animation , that even if you don’t like one aspect, you can always  focus on another aspect.

DIA: What is your favorite aspect of animation?
STUDENT: For me , it has to be modeling. I love organic modeling. Modeling of cartoon characters , action heros, animals and monsters. That is my favorite. Presently I am working on sculpting usingmud box and Z brush and I am really loving it.

DIA: Talking about software, what software have you worked on?
STUDENT: I have learnt Photoshop, After Effects, Autodesk Maya , 3ds Max and I  am learning Houdini also on the side. I am still working on almost all of them .


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