Reasons For PHP’s Bright Future


Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) has become a name synonymous with web development in the majority of the organizations these days. To learn PHP join a good PHP course in Delhi.

This article discusses, in brief, the factors which make PHP popular and should contribute to its bright future. Many PHP training institutes offer specialized training and conduct workshops to impart knowledge. These factors will contribute to the growth of PHP:

  1. Flexible and Easy web development
    PHP runs on all operating systems(OS) like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is comparatively simpler than Java and Perl. It can integrate with a number of databases, for instance, Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL. Thus the adoption of PHP has increased and is also in a growth stage. A good course can guide you on the features of PHP and help you master it.
  1. Open Source Language
    The best thing about PHP is that it’s completely free, unlike the other common web development languages. It also has good support worldwide. You can always learn the latest trends and solve your issues through online forums and communities. Thus organizations prefer PHP. Most of the institutes equip with the skillsets to leverage PHP’s open source factor.
  1. Capable of doing almost everything
    PHP can be used to build great web pages and do almost everything which web development languages like .NET and J2EE can. However, PHP comes free of cost. Therefore a number of online businesses use PHP to build critical business applications these days. You can learn PHP’s capability and its applications through a good course.
  1. Object-oriented programming
    Starting from PHP5 all the future versions of PHP use object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and syntax. The object-oriented programming concepts are more aligned towards developing enterprise websites. Therefore if you have knowledge of C++, Java etc. you can learn PHP too.
    Many popular web systems, for instance, WordPress use object-oriented programming. Thus this trend has fuelled PHP’s adoption in large enterprises. To brush up OOPS concepts and to become a skilled developer you should join a good course.
  1. Compiler-based applications and availability of frameworks
    Compiler-based applications are the ones which can be transformed to any other language from the programming language in which they are built. This ability makes them executable and reusable on other platforms as well. This concept is used by the popular e-commerce platform Magento. With PHP one can build compiler based applications. Even the code built in other languages can be re-used in PHP.

Also, many frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend etc. are available for PHP application development. Thus codes can be reused and errors can be eliminated.


PHP and likewise its professionals have a bright future. To begin the learning process, make a list of the best institutes. Try to get as much practical experience as possible. Aim to learn it perfectly.

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