Recreational Courses for summer 2


There are ways to have fun this summer and still develop skills while doing so. Skills that have a  very high probability of being a source of extra income. Here are a few of the skills you should consider learning  this summer  with a couple of summer classes that you can take advantage of.

  1. Web Design
    Web Design can be learnt in a space of 2 to 3 months and with this knowledge, you would be able to set up a basic website for small business, organizations and religious bodies or in even a personal blog or website. Web Design is a very valuable 21st century skill. Software to be covered would include Adobe Dreamweaver and languages like HTML, HTML5, XML and JavaScript would also be taught.
  2. 2D Animation
    Depending on your interest and zeal to learn, 2D animation can be covered in a fast track course for the summer. 2D animation would enable the creation of short illustrations, infomercials, documentaries and the creation of e-learning materials. Software like Adobe Flash Professional. After Effects, Toon Boon Harmony and go animate would be learnt in a typical 2D animation course. Claymation, stop motion and white board animation are all aspects of animation that can be studied as a summer course.
  3. Video Editing
    The ability to create feature film quality movies from your personal footage can be mastered in a video editing course. A video editing course would typically train its student on how to use software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut pro or Avid Media composer. A typical video editing content includes special effect; broadcast graphic Design, Media management and the principles of nonlinear editing.
  4. Sound Production
    With a sound production summer course, you can learn how to make electronic sounds that can be used for audio music tracks, you can also master the act of sound effects used for film making and television programs. The course content would include the use of Steinberg Cubase or Fl studio in mixing, vocal and instrument tuning and harmonization.
  5. AutoCAD
    For Mechanical, civil, Agricultural Engineers and architects, AutoCAD is very important. Some Engineering schools however do not offer AutoCAD in their schools, thereby creating the need to learn AutoCAD as a summer course. AutoCAD is used to lay the plan of building structures on paper right before construction starts.
  6. Python
    Python is a general purpose high level programming language. The use of python has increased in recent times to the areas of information security, artificial intelligence tasks, web application, scientific computations and also a scripting language for finite element method software, 3D animation packages and 2D imaging programs. Within the summer break, a student can go from a complete novice in python to intermediate level.
  7. PHP
    PHP is a server side scripting language for web development which is now also being used as a general purpose high level programming language. PHP is the sole of web development and it has become ubiquitous because it is relatively easy to learn.
    Acquire a useful skill this summer with TGC India.
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