The Complete List of Google’s Ranking Factors 1


The Complete List of Google’s Ranking Factors- Domain Factors.

Google the Largest search Engine on Earth has about 200 ranking Factors for which is ranks websites on the organic search result page, here is the full unofficial complete ranking list.


  1. Domain Age: The age of a domain affects it’s ranking to some extent but to a very small extent according to Matts Cutts, the head of webspam at Google.
  2. Keyword as the First word in Domain: A domain that starts with the keyword as it’s the first word has a better chance of ranking than domains that don’t have the keyword in the domain or have it somewhere in the middle or at the end of the domain.
  3. Keyword in subdomain Name: Keyword appearing in a subdomain name is also important for organic search ranking by Google standards. This makes the use of breadcrumbs very important. URL of inner pages should be words and not numbers or random codes. Use “Tgcindia/courses “instead of” tgcindia/123”.
  4. Exact Match Domain: Exact Match Domain is the use of a high traffic driving keyword as your domain name.  A site with the exact domain match as the searched keyword would rank high if it is a quality site. If the site is not a quality site, it would eventually be penalized and moved to the back page where it belongs.
  5. Author Ranking: Google takes authoring seriously if a site owned by someone has ever being penalized, Google would look into all the other sites owned by this same person and would look to see if those sites are also worth been penalized and most times they do or simply lower the ranking of such sites.
  6. Use of a country Extension: The use of a country extension such as .in for India, .ca for Canada and .uk for the United Kingdom would increase the websites ranking for a particular keyword when it is searched in that country and not when it is searched elsewhere. This is particularly important if the site is targeted at a particular audience based by country.
  7. Keyword in Domain: Just as the keyword appearing as the first word in the domain is important for SEO ranking, so is the keyword being in the domain at all. As long as the site is a quality site, the keyword being in the domain would always be a plus for the ranking of the website.
  8. Domain Registration Length: The length of time a domain is expiring in the future is an indicator for Google how important the site is and how legit it should be. Most illegitimate domains are usually relatively new and have very short domain registration period. Google also factors this in its ranking.
  9. Domain History: A site that seems to be getting transferred from owner to owner might make Google reset its history which would render all links pointing to the domain useless. It is important for sites to maintain single ownership for a very long time and even domain purchases should not immediately include owner name changes for a while.
  10. Private Domain Ownership: When the owner of a domain is private information, this usually serves as a red flag for Google, simply because a lot of illegitimate sites use these feature.
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