The Making of a PHP Expert


PHP is one of the most popular server-scripting Language used in web development. A PHP expert is someone who has not only a comprehensive but also an authoritative knowledge in PHP. In the Making of a PHP expert, some hurdles have to be crossed, some of which include.


  • What are the basic concepts of PHP?
    A PHP expert has to have a comprehensive knowledge of the data types associated with PHP, the functions and the objects and be able to make use of them as at when needed in writing codes for optimum dynamic web page performance and user experience.
  • How to Build a Database Driven Website?
    A PHP expert should be able to build database driven websites with the integration of MySQL and the inserting, delete, updating and all other basic and advanced functions with which PHP is used in line with MySQL.
  • What are the Framework and the effective use of Frameworks?
    The use of MVC frameworks don’t only make a PHP expert, they enable someone who has undergone a PHP training to get a Job. The importance of using a PHP framework like Code igniter or Cake PHP are numerous, some of which are

    • The Model View Controller pattern of Frameworks that affords the developer cleaner and more maintainable code. The models represent data structure interfacing with the database. The view contains the page templates and output and the Controller handles page requests and just like its name controls everything.
    • Frameworks provide an opportunity for teamwork. The page template can be handled by web and interface designers while database administrators work on the data structure. This is because of the code and file organization that PHP frameworks afford the developer.
    • Frameworks come with a lot of utilities and Libraries that help with Form Validation,

    Input/output filtering, Database Abstraction, Database Abstraction, Session and Cookie Handling and Email, Calendar, Pagination etc…

    • Frameworks also make application development faster, once the learning curve is done, web pages can be crafted really effectively and they also come with the advantage of community support for beginning developers.
    • The security features of frameworks also serve as one of the major benefits involved in using a framework. Examples of Frameworks include Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Symphony, Zend, Larval, Yii to mention a few. Codeigniter, Cake PHP, and Yii are the most recommended for beginners.
  • What is the principle of composition over inheritance?
    Composition over inheritance is a principle in object-oriented programming in which classes achieve polymorphic behavior and code reuse by being contained in other classes that implement the desired functionality instead of through inheritance.  This gives the PHP developer a higher flexibility and helps with a more stable business domain in the long-term
  • Hours and Hours of PHP coding.
    One can only be an expert in what you do consistently. There is a rule that states that there is a “10000 Hours ” gap between a novice and an expert. For you to be an expert in anything, PHP included, you cannot just attend a PHP training center and graduate an expert. You have to devote time in coding and the extensive use of frameworks. TGC India handles PHP training in Delhi.
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