The ubiquity of Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop ranks as one of the most popular software in the world. It is so popular; the word Photoshop itself is often used as a verb. Photoshop is a graphics editing program. It comes in two packages; the Adobe Photoshop CS6 and the Adobe Photoshop Extended, the extended having additional features like motion graphics editing, advanced image analysis and 3D image creation. Photoshop is however not limited in use to photo manipulation and image enhancements for photographers and magazine graphic designers in removing facial blemishes from cover models . The use of Photoshop cuts across a lot of fields. Below are areas where Photoshop is used extensively. For students   who intend to pursue a career in these fields, having knowledge of Photoshop would be very useful.

  1. Architecture: While AutoCAD is the most important  software used in the architectural field, Photoshop’s 2D and 3D editing  and composting tools goes a long way in adding a lot of needed effects like textures, shadows, bumps to work developed in AutoCAD. The layer style of Photoshop comes in handy, so that work files can be rendered in layers in CAD and transferred to Photoshop for finishing touches. Photoshop is used by modern architects to give their development a realistic look and is used for project presentation and representation to potential clients.
  2. Medical Practice: Professionals in the Medical Diagnostic field make use of Photoshop for medical diagnostic result clarification and understanding. Most modern medical specialist use Photoshop mainly for the purpose of clarifying medical conditions and variances in medical results for purposes of educational references, educating medical professionals and patients alike on certain medical conditions and the interpretation of medical results due to its support of DICOM formats and it’s analytical tools.
  3. Film Making: The use of Photoshop in film making cannot be overemphasized. Photoshop is used in both pre-production for story boarding and post production for visual effects and compositing in film making. Story boards, which is the foundation on which every film is built is used for pre-visualization of a film used by the actors, directors and cinematographers. Photoshop’s 2D and 3D compositing tools make it very useful for visual effects and look development in film imagery, scene staging and film appeal.
  4. Manufacturing and Brand development. Photoshop is used for product pre-visualization and branding by manufacturers. It is used to develop a hand drawn sketch into a realistic three dimensional looking object. Photoshop accelerates the process of developing a concept to prototype.
  5. Fashion Designing: Most international fashion designers use Photoshop for crafting out their designs. It is very useful because of the unlimited layer system which can be used to view a single particular design in multiple colors, shades and textures and it’s great multi format support which enables fusion with other software like illustrator, GiMP , Kaledo and mylabel3D.

Photoshop is not only extensively used by web designers for creating web layouts and publishers for poster designs  in addition to Corel draw but also by Animators, forensic technicians and scientific researchers.  However, getting a good school  to study the intricacies of Photoshop can be very difficult that  is why TGC India thrives to give it’s students a strongfoundation in Photoshop.

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