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PHP is the foremost Server-side scripting Language, used for web development. Web developers mostly have to take PHP courses to learn PHP. Just like every programing Language, learning doesn’t end in a day, it follows a learning curve and there are usually some hiccups on the way. Here are few tips for students taking php courses in Delhi or anywhere in the world.

  1. Join an online php community.
    Joining a PHP community cannot be overemphasized. No man is an island, and there is nothing more progressive as being in an online community of like-minds. There are usually no new challenges or problems in writing PHP codes. There is a very high probability that problems and challenges faced by a new learner have already been faced by someone else. The power of a community cannot be compared to the learnings in a four-wall classroom. is a vast online community that contains news, personal views and new tricks and tips for php developers.


  1. Learn OOPs
    OOPs stands for object-oriented programming. It is a sound principle of software development that is adopted in writing programs in PHP, Perl, Ruby, C++ and a host of others. It represents concepts as objects that have data fields and associated procedures as methods. These objects are used as instances of classes. Understanding the oops concept would enable the student to represent codes that would be bug-free and would be understandable and reusable by other developers and programmers. It would also help in learning programs across the board.


  1. Use a PHP Framework.
    Using a PHP framework would enable a PHP novice to write php applications without full knowledge of the intricacies of PHP. The framework serves as a programming training wheel showing you what php applications should look like. Cake PHP and Code Igniter are very good and user-friendly php frameworks that a student taking php courses can use to speed up the learning process of PHP.


  1. Use WAMP
    Using WAMP would help a student create a local environment to run and test php applications. It is clean and simple and requires fewer system requirements compared to other ways of working with php.


  1. Learn the syntax of PHP.
    The syntax of php is quite important for a student to learn in order to create programs that can be used in a programming team. The use of white space, single quotes and double quotes, indent and the code in between HTML tags should be taken seriously.


  1. Be Security conscious.
    Being security conscious when using php or any programming language is very pertinent. In this world of cyber hacking, cyber theft and cyber fraud, it is very important for any PHP beginners to also learn how to protect written codes to ensure it carries out what it was intended to do.


  1. Use Error Reporting.
    Using Error Reporting In PHP to find bugs in your PHP code as you write would help in the learning process and prevent cumbersome code troubleshooting which can both be frustrating and discouraging. TGC India offers php courses in Delhi.
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